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Recipe: Lupulus Brune

This recipe courtesy of Brasserie Lupulus in the Ardennes offers a modern spin on the Wallonian strong brown ale.

Editors' Picks: Brown Ales of Belgium

Historical quirks, local preference, and individual creativity all have a say in the diversity of Belgium’s brown ales.

Style School: Brown Ale, the Belgian Way(s)

Belgian panache and historical tricks can liven up a slice of the color spectrum often seen as decidedly unsexy.

Editors’ Picks: Two Recent Beer Books

Every year brings a spate of new beer books, often released ahead of the holiday shopping season. From Issue 36 (Dec 2019–Jan 2020), here are a couple of recommendations.


Brewing Course: How to Fix Sh*t in Your Brewery with 2nd Shift Brewing

Steve Crider, founder-brewer-handyman at 2nd Shift Brewing in St. Louis, shares his know-how on keeping a brewery running, and what to do when things break down.

Brewing Course: Mastering Barrel-Aged Stouts with Side Project Brewing

Side Project Owner/Brewer Cory King teaches you how to brew world-class barrel-aged stouts.

Brewing Course: Successful Kettle Souring with Resident Culture Brewing

Join Chris Tropeano, cofounder and head brewer at Resident Culture, for a kettle-souring brew day. Get his expert advice on recipe development, bacteria, process, hopping, adjuncts, and much more.


Podcast Episode 122: Jeff Bagby of Bagby Beer on a Historical Approach to Brewing for the Future

What if the next hot trend is a return to old favorites? Stranger things have happened in the world of food and drink. On that bet, Bagby Beer of Oceanside, California, is all in.

Video Tip: Make Your Own Tap Handles with 2nd Shift

Steve Crider, founder-brewer-handyman at 2nd Shift Brewing in St. Louis, demonstrates a quick, low-cost method for making your own tap handles.

Pick Six: Palate Shift

Jack Hendler, cofounder of Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers, chooses a six-pack of beers that influenced his development as a brewer—including, of course, a healthy splash of lager.

Recipe: Odd Side Ales Sweet Potato Soufflé Rye Ale

Here is a homebrew-scale recipe for the beer that won a Specialty Beer gold medal at the 2017 Great American Beer Festival.

Special Ingredient: Sweet Potato

Had enough pumpkin beer? Embrace an American tuber so mighty that it doesn’t care whether you make it a side dish or a dessert. Or a beer. With whiskey.

Beer Bars We Love in Reykjavik, Orlando, and Easton

In each issue our Love Handles department visits three great beer bars. Here's where we went for our October/November 2019 issue.

Recipe: Hot Bock Weizenbock

This big, complex crowd-pleaser winds up like a cross between a banana protein shake and Belgian dubbel. Ferment warm and buckle up.

Podcast Episode 121: Transient Artisan Ales Founder Chris Betts Talks Dry Hazy IPAs, Michigan Hops, and Spontaneous Fermentation

Terroir and character matter for Chris Betts, founder of Michigan’s Transient Artisan Ales. Here, he talks about how they build that character into everything from relatively dry hazy IPAs (using Michigan hops) to their spontaneously fermented beer.

Video Tip: Keep Your Bits and Bobs in Order

Nobody wants to turn their brewhouse upside-down hunting for a measly clamp or gasket. In this video tip, 2nd Shift founder-brewer-handyman Steve Crider shows how they keep things sorted—and reveals a secret weapon for cleaning kegs.

Learning Lab: More Ways to Get Hoppy

Go beyond the standard three-addition hopping schedule to test other techniques for injecting hop character into your beer.