Cooking With Beer: Pizza Power

John Carruthers, the man behind Chicago pop-up Crust Fund Pizza (and communications manager at Revolution Brewing), maps out the path to getting as geeky about pies as you are about beer—and uncorks a few Belgian beers along the way.

TrailerBox™ Premier & TrailerBox™ Lite: Try Something Lighter

Full-bodied—great for stouts, taxing for trailers. Ready to try a lighter brewpub container?

Video Tip: The Malt & Mash Regime Behind an Award-Winning Helles

From malt choices to mash out, Altstadt head brewer Craig Rowan explains how they mill and step-mash their medal-winning Lager.

Pick Six: Lisa Allen’s Favorites Are Rooted in Nostalgia & Experience

This six-pack from Heater Allen’s Lisa Allen is filled with formative beers that she’s stuck with through the years as well as inspirational lagers connected to specific beer-hall memories that have influenced the way she brews today.

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Metamodern Tastes in Country Beer, Part II: Kemker Kultuur

“I could buy conventional grain and save some thousands of bucks per year, but then I don’t have anything to tell,” Jan Kemker says. “I don’t know if we need to call it terroir. It’s liquid storytelling, I think.”

Video Tip: Cereal Mashing an Old-Fashioned American Adjunct Lager

Live Oak founder Chip McElroy and head brewer Dusan Kwiatkowski walk us through the brewing of their Pre-War Pils, including a cereal mash with a substantial portion of corn grits and small percentage of barley malt.

Podcast Episode 238: Laura Burns of Omega Yeast Offers an Expert Approach to Stable Beer Haze

The R&D director of the Chicago-based yeast purveyors combines her brewhouse experience with years of lab work in yeast genetics to help brewers understand how yeast does—and doesn’t—create stable haze.

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Recipe: Foam Like Clockwork

Courtesy of the team at Foam Brewers, this homebrew-scale recipe is for one of their first double IPAs to enter their regular rotation for can releases.

Clean Gear, Clean Beer: How to Properly Clean and Maintain Your Kit for Optimal Performance

Attention, glorified janitors! Here are tips on how to work smarter (not necessarily harder) to streamline and refine your cleaning, so you can get back to brewing (better) beer, more quickly.

Video Tip: The Supporting Roles of Hops & Yeast in a Munich-Style Helles

They’re not the stars of the show, but there are important considerations for hops and yeast selection when brewing a Munich-style helles. Altstadt head brewer Craig Rowan shares his recipe advice.

Breakout Brewer: Foam in Vermont Is Focused on Local Ingredients and a Quality Drinking Experience

After collective decades in beer, the team behind Foam Brewers are running their own show—and drinkers are seeking them out. “We never promoted anything; we just delivered,” says brewmaster Todd Haire. “If that travels by word of mouth, then that’s cool.”

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Video Course: Old-Fashioned Lagers and Smoked Beers with Live Oak

Are you ready for this one, lager nerds? In this discursive but detailed video course, Live Oak founder Chip McElroy and head brewer Dusan Kwiatkowski talk smoked beers, pre-Prohibition lager, cereal mashes, decoctions, and much more.

Podcast Episode 237: Less is More for Surly’s Ben Smith, Pursuing Bigger Hop Flavor in Hazy IPA and Refined West Coast IPA

Minnesota’s Surly Brewing has a reputation for brash and unapologetic beers, but head brewer Ben Smith is exploring ways to maximize flavor in IPAs by doing less, not more.

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