Podcast Episode 198: Lisa Allen of Heater Allen Takes the Patient Approach to Lager and Business

For Oregon’s Heater Allen, slow growth and focused experimentation allowed them to dial in quality long before craft lager caught on. They learned to brew the beers they want with the equipment they have—but there’s one thing they won’t sacrifice.

Crowd-Craved Flavor Without Kettle-Crowding Vegetation

Hopsteiner Salvo™ is a low-alpha extract that preserves aromatic oils and beta acids while eliminating vegetal matter, leading to big aroma, low bitterness, and minimal beer loss.

Recipe: Slaughterbranch Farm Beer

Named for the creek on the edge of our Missouri farm, this straightforward recipe is a recent iteration of the type of saison I like to brew often: light, dry, and smoothly bitter, with plenty of herbal hop flavor to balance the yeast-driven spice.

Cooking With Beer: Ale-Poached Eggs Benedict with Arugula Pesto

American craft beer’s most important style—the American pale ale—is versatile for any occasion. Likewise, its approachability makes it an easy fit as an ingredient. Here we celebrate this bright, balanced beer with the most important meal of the weekend.


Tijuana’s Public House Has Beermosas and Welcomes Your Perro

From our Love Handles department for the beer bars we enjoy most: This pioneering destination is for anyone seeking Baja flavors with cerveza artesanal in one of Mexico’s best beer cities.

The Rarest Barrel: Taking the Long Way

A brief chapter in the latest adventures of the “Rarest Barrel,” pH1.

Unreal! Seltzers & the Rise of Hyperflavors

Hard seltzers and similar flavored beverages have never been so popular. It’s worth taking a clear-eyed look at the processes and flavorings upon which they rely. Randy Mosher takes us behind the curtain.

Video Tip: Constructing a Modern West Coast–Style IPA

West Coast IPA has evolved. From building a pale grist with enough malt complexity to support the hops, to selecting hop varieties that combine the new with the classic, Pinthouse’s Joe Mohrfeld wallks us through the choices.

Five on Five: Saison and Farmhouse Beers

From malt-forward bières de garde to New World hoppy takes dripping in fruits from the bine, the approaches are myriad and the influences widespread. But which do brewers themselves love? We asked five for their favorites.

Style School: Berliner Weisse Is Legion

The traditional white beer from Berlin has had many guises over the centuries, from simpler Lacto sours to fruit-packed smoothies, via enigmatic, mixed-fermentation constructions more closely aligned with its history.

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Recipe: Schell’s Star of the North Berliner Weisse

This is a homebrew-scale recipe for Schell’s base Berliner weisse recipe, a traditionally brewed, mixed-culture take on the style.

Podcast Episode 197: Nick Gislason of Hanabi Lager and Screaming Eagle Wines Admires the Beauty of Grains Through the Canvas of Lager

The maker of some of California’s most coveted wines discusses what drove him back to beer, and to a particular focus on lager as a way to explore the vibrant flavors of barley varieties.

Surveying Belgium’s Modern-Day Saison Landscape

Even in 20th century Belgium, “saison” was interpreted in different ways. Those interpretations continue to branch off into myriad ways today.

Recipe: Donner Pass American Pale Ale

Longtime pro brewer Jeremy Myers shares this homebrew recipe for a throwback American pale ale inspired by a true classic.