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How 2ndKitchen Is Helping Breweries to Solve the Unique Challenges of Reopening

Brewery-tech startup 2ndKitchen has worked to build new products, features, and solutions to the COVID-related reopening issues that face breweries over the coming weeks and months.

How This Startup Is Helping Breweries to Manage To-Go and Delivery Orders—for Free.

Breweries now face the problem of managing to-go and delivery service at scale. Enter 2ndKitchen 2Go, a completely free platform built to help breweries survive the extraordinary circumstances of COVID-19.

How 2ndKitchen is Helping Breweries Increase Revenue by Serving Food

A brewery could open its own kitchen. However, when you factor in the costs—hiring a chef, obtaining the right licenses, rent, ingredients, equipment, construction, and so much more—it’s a big hassle.