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Brad Smith

Actual Beer Color vs. Predicted Color

Ever wondered why is the color of your beer is different from the predicted color on a color scale or software? Brad Smith has the answer.

Brewing Light Beers with Extract

Brad Smith explains why many beers brewed with extract come out darker than you might expect.

Water and Mash pH

If you are an all-grain brewer, the most important thing to worry about is mash pH. Brad Smith delves into why and how to achieve the right pH.

Brewing Darker Beers

Here are some tips for brewing darker beers without adding a roast or off-flavor to it.

The Best Way to Use Whirlpool Hops in Homebrew

To preserve the volatile oils in hops, you need to steep hops at a temperature below boiling. That’s where whirlpool hops additions come into play.

The Right Way to Steep Specialty Grains

Avoid introducing off-flavors into your extract-based beer by following these steps for steeping grains.