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Ten Breweries to Visit During the 2018 Great American Beer Festival

You’ll get your fill of haze and pastry stouts; hops are everywhere.

Breakout Brewer: Highland Park Brewing Co.

With a new tasting room and a second location, Highland Park Brewery in Los Angeles can clearly follow two paths: the predictable, more controlled one of beers made in stainless with one yeast strain, and the other path—mixed-culture fermentation.

How Breweries Prepared for Hurricane Florence

When a major storm comes ashore, brewers and brewery owners need to prepare for the worst. In the Carolinas, beer professionals have spent the past week preparing for the worst and the eventual aftermath.

Is Messing With Lagers a Good Thing?

Ales have long been a brewer’s playground. Lagers, the time-matured, technically difficult, were the other side of the coin. Now, lagers are being played with like ales. Is this tinkering a good thing, or are we about to jump the shark?

Podcast Episode #48: Equilibrium's Ricardo Petroni and Peter Oates: Using Mathematics to Get the Most out of Hopping

Ricardo Petroni and Peter Oates talk about using mathematics to get the most out of hopping, the benefits and worries of "Line Life" and what they've learned from homebrewing and measured growth to help strengthen their business today.

Question & Answer with Christopher Sidwa of Australia’s Batch Brewing Co.

As an American brewer down under, Christopher Sidwa has been able to meld two brewing traditions and, in his book, “Brew A Batch: A Beginner’s Guide to Home-Brewed Beer,” he shares his insights and hopes to inspire a new generation of brewers.

Great Beer Bars in New York, Memphis and London

Here are the three beer bars that we explored in the “Love Handles” department in Issue 25 (April/May 2018) of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®.

Reviews of Recently Released Beer Books

From books that review and evaluate beer, to one that dives deep into ingredients, and another on the financial side of the brewing industry, there's plenty of books to help increase your beer knowledge.

Podcast Episode #47: Kane Brewing's Michael Kane: Adventures in Barrel-Aging

In this week's podcast he talks about a brewers love for lager, why attending festivals around the country helps his New Jersey-only distribution brewery, and adventures in barrel-aging.

Blue (or Is It Green?) Beer Filled with Little Hugs

By replacing the brewing and sparge water with a sugary fruit-flavored drink, one Pennsylvania brewery has released a beer brewed with a popular kid’s snack, and Instagram users couldn’t be happier.