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Christopher Cina

Jalapeño and IPA Battered Corn Dogs Recipe

The jalapeño and IPA batter on these corn dogs adds a spicy and bitter counterpoint to the sweet corn.

Oven-Roasted Mussels with Lemon, Garlic, and Wheat Beer Recipe

This recipe provides you with the unique experience of roasted mussels: smoky, firm, and just enough chew. Tossing with wheat beer and lemon at the end adds a great acidic counterpoint to the sweetness of the roasted garlic and mussels.

Sour Beer Goat Cheese Chile Rellenos

There’s no time like summer to turn up the heat with savory and spicy Southwestern fare like these chile rellenos, made with lambic, gueuze, or other sour beer.

Alamosa Striped Bass Tostadas with Lager Tomatillo Salsa Recipe

Paired with tomatillos and Vienna lager, a flaky mild-tasting fish upgrades the traditional tostada.

Barbecued Carrots with Dilled Yogurt Recipe

An American pale ale works well as the beer for cooking, both to help offset the sweetness of the carrots and reinforce the bitterness of the char once it comes off the grill.

Quick Pickled Shrimp Recipe

For the shrimp’s poaching liquid, I used a Belgian tripel. I like the powerful flavor that carries through into the poached shrimp, and it works well with the pickling spices.

French Toast Turkey Sandwich Recipe

For this recipe, Christopher Cina prefers to use something with a little sweetness to it, such as a winter warmer or an oatmeal stout—the use of the Gruyère helps make this a sandwich that stands up to a full-bodied beer.

Flat Iron Steak with Beer Hollandaise and Heirloom Tomato-Quinoa Salad Recipe

Here’s a great summer meal to grill and enjoy in the backyard.

Porter Caramel Samoa-Style Bars Recipe

These bars are the grown-up version of the Samoa Girl Scout cookie, with chocolate drizzled over the porter caramel, toasted coconut, and a bed of sweet, buttery shortbread.

Poached Pacific Cod Tacos Recipe

This recipe is a riff on the traditional fish taco, but instead of batter frying the fish, we’re poaching it in lager. Poaching the fish allows it to hold more flavor from the poaching liquid than frying it will so you will get those beer-y undertones.