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Jamie Bogner

Jamie Bogner is the Cofounder and Editorial Director of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®. Email him at [email protected].

Pick Six: Trevor Rogers of de Garde Brewing

Trevor Rogers finds inspiration in Belgian gueuzes, Brett saisons, and beers that express a similarly fastidious approach to turning down the volume while boosting the dynamic range to explore the nuance and complexity that beer can offer.

Brewing with Wine Grapes

The Bruery Terreux sour-beer facility has accelerated and expanded various beer projects using wine grapes. It continues to break ground with everything from imperial stouts cofermented with grape must to whole-cluster refermentations in barrels.

Beer Books: Against All Hops & Project Extreme Brewing

Expand your knowledge of beer with two new books that explore ingredients, homebrewing, and a peek behind the curtain to how the pros approach each batch.

Podcast Episode 23: Kathinka's Floris Delée: The Challenges of Maintaining Quality in Craft Brewing

Jamie Bogner’s guest is Floris DeLée, former Technical Director for New Belgium Brewing and former Dogfish Head brewmaster, who has helped some of the biggest names in craft brewing for the last 15 years build their brewhouses.

Beercation: Yakima, Washington

Yakima, Washington might have a historical reputation as a sleepy agricultural town, but the rapid growth of craft beer has shown a new light on the valley that produces more than a quarter of the hops used in brewing around the world.

Pick Six: Dave Thibodeau of Ska Brewing

We Asked Ska Brewing cofounder Dave Thibodeau to pick memorable, flavorful, and standout beers he’s encountered in a lifetime of beer drinking, we found he’s fond of the classics.

Podcast Episode 21: New Belgium's Wood Cellar Director & Blender Lauren Limbach

Jamie is joined by American sour beer pioneer Lauren Limbach of New Belgium Brewing, and they talk about the evolution of New Belgium’s sour beer program, from the earliest days two decades ago to the advances in analytics and technical process today.

Podcast Episode 19: WeldWerks Co-Owner/Head Brewer Neil Fisher Joins Jamie Bogner

Jamie sits down with Neil for a conversation about their approach to brewing New England IPAs, their deep dive into the world of “pastry” and “dessert” beers, their challenges and successes with barrel-aged beers, and their foray into brewing lagers.

Pick Six: Ron Jeffries of Jolly Pumpkin

Jolly Pumpkin founder Ron Jeffries embraces the joy of discovery from unanticipated results. These six beers (plus a seventh of personal importance) embody that dichotomy of precision versus freedom and consistency versus whimsy.

Podcast Episode 15: Angry Chair Brewing Joins Jamie Bogner

Jamie Bogner sits down over some beers with the crew from Angry Chair Brewing in Tampa, Florida to talk about their adjunct-forward approach to culinary-inspired beers.