Jester Goldman

Sour Mash Secrets

Why bother with sour mashing? Aside from mastering a new technique, the biggest advantage is that you can blend with sour mash.

DIY: Beer Engine

Want to have your own cask ale on tap? Jester Goldman shows you have to build a fairly simple version of a beer engine and then explains how you can pretty it up.

Become a Kettle Sour Expert

Meet your new friend, Lactobacillus, and learn the ins and outs of kettle souring.

Speedy Sours

Here’s an overview of the three main options homebrewers have for getting into the fast lane to sour brewing.

Making the Leap to Commercial

Dreaming of turning your homebrewing hobby into a career? Professional brewmasters go through a lot to earn that position, and opening your own place is even harder. Here are some things to consider as you dream of making the leap.

Honey Saison Braggot Recipe

Jester Goldman offers tips on choosing honey and the base beer for a saison braggot, then shares the recipe for “Saison of the Braggot.” It needs a warm fermentation temperature, so what better time than midsummer to brew one up?

A Taste of Honey

“Braggot” stands at the crossroads of beer and mead, as a blend of honey and malt. Jester Goldman offers some tips to help you start your exploration of the land of braggots.

Getting Deep With Malt: More than Sweetness

Recipes for the most intensely malty beer styles—think English barleywine or German doppelbock—may call for kettle caramelization to provide a rich celebration of malt character. Here’s how and when to try it.

Seeing the Color in your Future

Beer color is generally assessed as Standard Reference Method (SRM) values. Brewing software might automatically present a color swatch based on your grain bill, but with nothing more than a calculator, you can estimate your recipe’s SRM.

Time to Boil

A vigorous boil is a vital step in the brewing process. Jester Goldman explains what goes on during the boil and offers guidelines on how long the boil should be.