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Josh Weikert

Make Your Best German Leichtbier

Our homebrewing columnist, Josh Weikert, offers this recipe for a beer that is low-alcohol, delicate, and lightly flavored. Rather than being an American mass-produced lager it is, instead, a modern take on a traditional German style

The Secondary Flavors of Malt

With a wide array of flavors that are imparted by simply using different malts and grain, the flavors in beer have never been more specific or diverse. From light and sweet flavors, to roast and smoke, the flavors in between continuously delight the palate

The Importance of the Color Red When it Comes to Malt In Beer

Color is vitally important to the visual experience of enjoying a beer. The malt and grain bill in recipes also imparts flavor, aroma, and mouthfeel. Let's dive a little deeper into the subject, and realize there’s great complexity in the ordinary.

Make Your Best: British Golden Ale

This light, bright ale may become one of your springtime favorites after a few renditions, and columnist Josh Weikert says he'd take it over most any of the soon-to-hit-the-shelves Spring or Summer Ales found stateside.

Make Your Best Sticke Altbier

This recipe takes everything you love about the Altbier and turns up the volume, and while that's not really something you need every day it certainly makes for a great change of pace!

Make Your Best Czech Dark Lager

An interesting style that is semi-hard to find commercially… this sounds like just the kind of beer that homebrewers should be lining up to make!

Make Your Best International Amber Lager

This can be a great session lager to help you recruit your macro-drinking friends into the world of craft/homebrewed beer, and for your own purposes it's a nice tap to have on when you're looking for lighter flavors with a bit more character behind them.

Make Your Best Czech Amber Lager

Start working this one into your autumn or late-winter lineup (I like it as a “welcome to spring” beer), and I think you’ll find yourself with a new favorite sessionable lager.

Brewing with All Kinds of Sugar

When it comes to adding sugar to your beer there are pitfalls to avoid, and lots of wonderful, complex flavors to gain.

Make Your Best American IPA

There are so many versions, varieties, and approaches here that it would be arrogant to claim this will be your best American IPA, but it’s at least a very, very good one that has held up well to the test of time.