Drew Beechum

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Recipe: Beachwood Amalgam-ish IPA

Based on discussions with Julian Shrago, co-owner and brewmaster of Beachwood Brewing in Long Beach, California, here’s a homebrew-scale recipe for something Amalgamator-like—snappy, brisk, and brimming with Mosaic hops.

The Accelerating Dialectic of IPA

More juice, but with more bite—East Coast and West Coast are synthesizing, again, right before our eyes. How did we get here? And what’s next? Drew Beechum walks us through IPA’s battles and evolutions.

Recipe: Fast as Helles

You, too, can brew a quaffable, enjoyable, malt-forward lager beer—in relatively short order.

How to Stop Worrying & Lager

It may be brewing science, but it ain’t rocket science. You can brew a great lager faster than you think—but not too fast. Drew Beechum demystifies how it works.

Recipe: Little Ghost Saison

Try culturing up dregs from a favorite mixed-fermentation beer to brew this farmhouse ale, a balanced frame for funky depth.

Saison & Funk: A Plea For Moderation

Farmhouse brewing is a huge barn, with room for all sorts of creatures. How many of them, though, help you make really drinkable beer? Here, Drew Beechum lays out a path toward restraint.

Water: The Stuff of Life (and Beer)

Drew Beechum demystifies the chemistry, boiling water down to all you really need to know to make better beer.

Recipe: Triple Wish

Don’t think of this as a clone of Dupont’s Avec Les Bons Voeux—think of this as a beer inspired by it. It’s the right blend of earthy, hoppy, fruity, spicy, and dry, and it makes for sweet dreams.

Recipe: Overseas Stout

This is a beer that will make you want to hit the high seas, now with 100 percent less empire-building.

Hiding in the Middle: The Tradition of Foreign Export Stout

Whether African, Caribbean, or Belgian, foreign export stouts occupy the oft-overlooked middle ground between the smooth lows of dry Irish stout and the highs of alcoholic exuberance.