Jester Goldman

Estimating AA% Using Calibrated Hop Teas

Growing your own hops isn’t always as simple as planting, harvesting, and brewing. For those who want to get deeper into the science, leading to a more fulfilling brewing experience, here are the steps you need to estimate alpha-acid percentage.

Cold Brew Coffee At Home

Want to pour your own cold brew coffee at home? If you already have a normal CO2 keg setup, you can level up by adding nitrogen to the mix. That one-time cost will let you satisfy your craving and still be able to put your stout on tap once in a while.

Homebrewing for the Masses

There are rewards in brewing for the popular palate. Seeing how quickly your keg empties at a summer barbecue can be every bit as satisfying as nailing that lambic that impresses the three or four other sour beer heads you know.

Homebrewing with Homegrown Hops

Growing your own hops is relatively easy. The bines grow quickly through the season, and it won’t take long before it’s time to harvest.

Dreams vs Reality

Our homebrewing columnist talks about what it would be like to have his dream system, and if it would truly make him happy.

What's In Your Brewing Toolbox?

With more control over our brewing session, we’re better prepared to deal with the unexpected. That control comes from planning and organization.

Brewer vs Nature (Part 3)

Rain? Wind? If you do face down the adversity of nature’s challenges on an outdoor homebrew day, remember to reward yourself for your efforts. Jester Goldman recommends a refreshing homebrew.

Brewer vs Nature (Part 2)

Whether it’s the dry heat of the desert or swampland humidity, many brewers are forced to give up on the hobby for the summertime. Our resident homebrew columnist, Jester Goldman, has some solutions that will keep you in beer year round.

Brewer Vs. Nature (Part 1)

Our columnist Jester Goldman has some tips on how you can make the most out of homebrewing as the temperatures drops.

A Homebrewer’s Gift Guide (From an Experienced Homebrewer)

Here are some gift ideas from our resident homebrewing columnist. The homebrewer in your life can always use some new or upgraded equipment, and this is the perfect time of year to make it happen. Be generous and you’ll almost certainly sip the rewards.