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Special Brewing Ingredient: Carrots

Mildly sweet, vibrantly colored, inexpensive, and good for you—until you make delicious carrot cake out of them. Or carrot-cake beer. Why aren’t we brewing with carrots, again? Let’s get to the root of it.

Brewer's Perspective: The Patience & Terror of Barrel-Aging

Lacie Bray and Andy Coates, cofounders of Ozark Beer in northwest Arkansas, explain the stressful process and habitual leap of faith behind their cult-favorite beer, BDCS.

Recipe: Elderflower Saison

Inspired by Saison Cazeau, here is a recipe for a light, dry, farmhouse-style ale that gets a sweet-smelling lift from fresh fleurs de sureau.

Special Ingredient: Elderflower

Floral, fruity, and unique, fresh elderflowers smell like the finest hops you’ve never smelled—because those hops don’t exist yet.

Editors' Picks: Fermentation Kitchen & The Beer Bible

Here are two books we can recommend to any brewer or beer enthusiast.

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Capturing Indigenous Yeast Cultures with Antidoot

In rural Flemish Brabant, Antidoot Wilde Fermenten’s house mixed culture includes various wild yeasts they have captured over the years. Here, Tom Jacobs offers tips for success in wrangling your own local strains.

Kansas City’s Alma Mader Are Brewing for the Backyard

Whether it’s pinpoint pilsners, lush, juicy IPAs, or big, balanced stouts, the upstarts at family-run Alma Mader in Kansas City have something that just about any kind of drinker can love.

Brewer's Perspective: Brewing Gold-Medal Bière de Garde

As a niche style, bière de garde doesn’t always medal at the Great American Beer Festival—but Munkle’s 5 Branches took home gold in 2018, then Echo’s Junebug did it again in 2019. Here, the head brewers from both breweries sketch out the blueprints.

Dark Yet Bright: The Balancing Act of Brewing Fruited Stout

Here, two brewmasters who know their way around a dark grist—T.L. Adkisson of Foothills in North Carolina, and John Mallett of Bell’s in Michigan—share advice on balancing juicy fruit with a rich, roasty profile.

Editor’s Picks: New from the Labs…

Nutrients designed for for hard seltzer fermentation and a non-diastatic saison strain, for better brewing through chemistry.