Joe Stange

Brewing Hop-Forward Baltic Porter with Poland’s Browar PINTA

Like many Polish breweries, Browar PINTA embraces its country’s signature beer style—Baltic porter—with high-gravity gusto, going for hefty body and deep malt flavor. Lately, they’ve added a new dimension to these ponderous beasts: expressive dry hops.

I Got Your Six: Brewing to Support Veterans

In northern Michigan near the shores of Lake Huron, an active-duty airman moonlights as a pro brewer at Alcona Brew Haus. They’re releasing a special beer to support veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan—and you can brew it, too.

Oktoberfestbier: Brewing the World’s Most Famous Party Lager

Whatever its strength, whatever its story, and whatever its color—amber or gold?—festbier ought to be drinkable in quantity. Here we dissect the diverging styles to find out what makes a great (Oktober)festbier tick.

About Cherry Stout: Larry Bell’s Tribute to Homebrewers

Brewed since 1988, Bell's founder Larry Bell has called Cherry Stout the complex “pinot noir” of his brewery’s range. Its origins, however, are far simpler: It all started at homebrew club meetings in Kalamazoo.

Breakout Brewer: Wolf’s Ridge

At Wolf’s Ridge in Columbus, Ohio, head brewer Chris Davison leads a flavor-forward beer program with roots in experimental homebrewing and a growing pile of accolades.

Breakout Brewer: Green Cheek Just Brews the IPAs that Evan Price Wants to Drink

Evan Price, cofounder and head brewer at Green Cheek, is winning medals and brewing the kinds of IPAs he enjoys most, applying a skill set that he’s picked up the hard way.

Recipe: Slaughterbranch Farm Beer

Named for the creek on the edge of our Missouri farm, this straightforward recipe is a recent iteration of the type of saison I like to brew often: light, dry, and smoothly bitter, with plenty of herbal hop flavor to balance the yeast-driven spice.

The Rarest Barrel: Taking the Long Way

A brief chapter in the latest adventures of the “Rarest Barrel,” pH1.

Surveying Belgium’s Modern-Day Saison Landscape

Even in 20th century Belgium, “saison” was interpreted in different ways. Those interpretations continue to branch off into myriad ways today.

Brasserie de la Senne’s Yvan De Baets Explains Saison’s Greatest Myth: the Yeast

Yvan De Baets, cofounder and head brewer at the Brasserie de la Senne in Brussels, has been researching (and brewing) saison for more than two decades. He has argued that “yeast is the biggest myth about saison.” We asked him to elaborate.