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Frozen North Ice Baltic Porter Recipe

Knowing how to build a recipe for fractional distillation, how to use the process, and how to make a style into an “Ice Whatever” is a great tool to have in your bag.

Viking Sweat Gose Recipe

There is a distinct challenge in brewing gose: salt. Working with salt introduces higher stakes. Aim too high, and you end up with an undrinkable salt bomb. Too low, and you can’t register the salt at all. This recipe will get you right in the ballpark.

Rabbit’s Revenge White IPA Recipe

The White IPA functionally updates a classic style in a way that emphasizes the regional particulars of the original beer while incorporating updated ingredients.

Trappist Beers in the American Tradition

It’s time to consider the evolution of Trappist beers in the New World. As the American craft-beer movement engages with and develops Trappist styles, it is also keeping some Trappist brewing traditions alive.

Brewing with Candi Sugar

Candi sugars are at once an underused and an overused ingredient. Let's dive into the specific function candi sugars can play in beer.

Intense Lager: Clean Doesn't Have to Mean Boring

Lagers can be every bit as intense as ales. Let's explore the world of intense lagers and discusses both style and production characteristics that will have you dazzling your friends’ palates in no time.

Fire in the Castle Classic-Style Smoked Beer

The keyword today is balance. In whichever style you choose to smoke up, the smoke character should more or less equal in magnitude the strongest flavor in the profile and should complement and enhance the flavors present.

Make Juice, Not Haze: Refining the New England-style IPA

Juicy doesn’t have to mean hazy. It’s time to call a truce by ramping up the juiciness of the style without resorting to murk-inducing techniques designed to send a visual signal of “juicy.”

Make Your Best: How to Brew Any Style Well

In this final installment of MYB, Josh Weikert outlines the keys to brewing any and every beer style well.

Josh Weikert's Best of 2018

Josh Weikert—contributing editor and columnist for Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine®, the author of the Beer: Simple blog, and a BJCP Grand Master—offers some of his top picks and beer experiences from the past year.