Paul Zocco

Exploring Scottish Beers from Shillings to Wee Heavy

Some of the most flavorful and misunderstood beers come from Scotland. Wee Heavy and Shilling Ales once dominated pubs and tap lists, but have lost favor for more hop-forward styles. However, these beers, and their history, are worth a closer look.

Scottish-Style 80- Shilling Ale Recipe

The Scottish 80, also called an “export” by the BJCP guidelines, is a strong ale by Scottish standards. The export name means that this is an ale with a higher alcohol content (3.9 to 4.9 percent) that was intended to survive trans-Atlantic voyages.

Scottish Style 70-Shilling Beer Recipe

The Scottish 70-Shillings are similar to the 60s, but with a more pronounced malt presence

Scottish-Style 60-Shilling Ale Beer Recipe

The first impression when drinking this amber-brown ale is a malty nose with subdued hops aroma. The flavor is soft malt that may have a touch of smokiness and toastiness. The use of roasted barley brings out a soft, complex background.

Homebrew Fundamentals for Saisons and Bières de Garde

Whether or not you have a farmhouse, you can brew these interesting farmhouse ale styles.

Sessionable Saison Recipe

Brew this spicy sessionable saison (say that fast 3 times!).

Belgian Saison in the Style of Saison Dupont Recipe

Brew this saison that is modeled on Saison Dupont, the definitive example of this beer style.

High-Gravity Saison with Chinese White Pepper and Bitter Orange Peel Recipe

Here’s a conventionally made saison with the OG kicked up to 1.080 and a good dose of Chinese white pepper and bitter orange peel.

Bière de Garde in the Style of Jenlain Recipe

This bière de garde version is possibly the definitive representation of the style.

Bière de Garde in the Style of Castelain Recipe

Here’s a version of bière de garde that is a bit higher in alcohol and somewhat sweeter, with a pleasant honey aroma and flavor.