Scratch Brewing

Scratch Brewing’s Green Tomato Saison Recipe

Emphasize the tartness of green tomatoes by brewing this lighter saison-style beer with a relatively dry finish.

Scratch Brewing’s Sun-Dried Cherry Tomato Dark Strong Recipe

This Belgian Dark Strong recipe is Scratch Brewing’s favorite tomato beer. The dried cherry tomatoes retain their perceived sweetness and become raisiny and prune-like. They blend perfectly with a Belgian yeast strain.

Scratch Brewing’s Carrot-Ginger Saison Recipe

Roasted carrots added to the fermentor impart sweet and caramelly character to this saison while the ginger adds a hint of spice.

Scratch Brewing’s Basil Ale Recipe

Not only is basil extremely aromatic, but it also lends both a spicy edge and a sweet finish to beer—hops-like without the extra bitterness

Scratch Brewing's Dead Leaves and Carrots Beer Recipe

Take advantage of those fallen leaves and fresh carrots to try your hand at brewing a beer with foraged ingredients.