Beer News

Lager: It’s Cool (Again)

A guide to lager styles

Replanting the Seeds of Brewing

Craft-beer pioneers Kim Jordan and Carol Stoudt have led women back into the brewhouse after an absence lasting several centuries. Here Tara Nurin spotlights some of the others who have helped along the way.

Beer Operations that Support the Troops

To honor Veterans Day, we have compiled several breweries, beers, and causes that support those who have served.

How Women Brewsters Saved the World

Tara Nurin (official historian of the Pink Boots Society) explores the history of women and beer from prehistoric times up through Prohibition.

What Makes a Saison a Saison?

Emily Hutto set out on a quest to find out how craft-beer brewers across the country defined “saison.” Here’s what she found.

12 Football Stadiums for Great Beer

These stadiums won’t let you down when you want a brew that has some spirit behind it.

Beerfest—The Good One! 2015

Get ready for a great craft-beer festival!

Breakout Brewer: Mystic Brewery

With a focus on spontaneously fermented beer, Mystic Brewery Founder Bryan Greenhagen embraces the risk and reward of wild yeast to create distinctly American beer.

Craft Malt

Taking beer back to its historical roots

The Craft of Cider Making

Getting started with cider is easier than you think.

So Many New Hops

Stan Hieronymus gives you the lowdown on some new hops varieties, including German ones that American brewers are clamoring to try.