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Suarez Family Brewery Kinda Classic, a Modern Saison Recipe

Well-hopped with low-alpha hops and fermented with characterful yeast, this simple recipe perfectly reflects the brewing philosophy at Suarez Family Brewery. 

Make Your Best Colonial Stock Ale

Suffice to say, the beers in the experimental style (like this one) get a little weird. Not only are there no limits or guidelines, if there were, the beer wouldn’t be entered in this style. Swing for the fences.

Sierra Nevada Resilience Butte County Proud IPA Recipe

Sierra Nevada asked the brewing community for help, and more than 1,000 breweries stood up. A special IPA is coming to taps near you soon to help victims of the California wild fires, and you can brew the recipe at home.

BY: John Holl

Highland Park Brewery SoCal Pils Recipe

This “West Coast Pilsner” captures the crispness of a Pilsner with the hops of a West Coast IPA.

Make Your Best Light Altbier

Some specialty categories seem frivolous or unnecessary, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find uses for them in particular circumstances. So it was with my Light Altbier, and the resulting beer is a fun year-round lighter-bodied but fully-flavored option.

Verboten Brewing & Barrel Project Somebody to Love Brut IPA Recipe

This recipe uses wheat, flaked rice, and flaked oats. All hops are added after the boil for awesome aroma without the bitterness. He uses Galaxy, Citra, Hallertau Blanc, and Azacca for white-wine notes, gooseberry, tangerine, and guava.

Shot in the Dark Pre-Prohibition Porter Recipe

This is an "Americanized" version of an existing style in the colonial sense – brewed using what was available in early America – rather than in the “extreme” sense, as we see with many other styles.

Afterthought Brewing Company’s Saison Meer: Dandelion Recipe

Afterthought Brewing Company’s Saison Meer: Dandelion is a blonde mixed-fermentation saison brewed with dandelions and Midwestern ingredients and aged in oak.

Troon Brewing Placebo Effect IPA Recipe

If you brew with oats because you’ve accepted this as common knowledge but have never actually experimented with it yourself, then this recipe will be especially edifying.

Blind Enthusiasm's ACME Red Recipe

Here's a recipe from Canada's Blind Enthusiasm Brewing: a bold red ale with big stone-fruit notes and a very dry finish.