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Beer Recipe

Pulpit Rock Little Buddy Pale Ale Recipe

Pulpit Rock’s Little Buddy is a session pale ale coming at you with a one-two punch of Citra and Sabro hops. Soft bitterness and a plush mouthfeel from lactose lend themselves to the tropical fruit, tangerine, and coconut flavors and aromas of the hops.

White Rabbit Brown Ale Recipe

American Brown Ale is a classic of the early craft and homebrewing world, and in a perfect world, you’d have a great version of it on tap at all times.

Buckwheat ESB Honey Ale Recipe

In the strictest sense of the word, honey ales don’t have a “style.” In the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines, they probably best fall into category 31B, Alternative Sugar Beer, assuming that honey is the only specialty ingredient used.

450 North Brewing Co. Fruity Nuggets IPA Recipe

From 450 North Brewing Company, this juicy hazy IPA has a touch of candy-like sweetness.

Dämmerung Coffee Stout Recipe

Brewing coffee beer isn’t hard—which isn’t to say that it’s as simple as throwing beans into the mash! Pick a good bean, incorporate it conscientiously, and you can turn almost any beer into a coffee beer. Here's a recipe for a coffee stout.

Fermentery Form Extra Farmhouse Ale Recipe

This beer is inspired by some of Fermentery Form’s favorite French farmhouse ales, but in their case, it is made with a mixed culture. The hopping rate is high for a mixed-fermentation beer, but this makes for a long, graceful maturation in the bottle.

Parish Brewing Acadiana Haze IPA Recipe

Soft and pillowy from generous use of flaked oats and dextrin malt for body, Parish Brewing’s hazy IPA recipe is a great base for innumerable juicy dry-hop permutations.

Outer Range Blocks of Light IPA Recipe

This Galaxy and Mosaic hazy IPA is a favorite of Outer Range Brewing fans.

Schuylkill Lambic-Style Ale Recipe

Lambics might be easier to get today than they were a generation ago, but they’re still definitely uncommon. Given that, why not brew your own take on the style?

Two Rivers Brewing Company Brewnniversary III Barrel-aged Wild Tripel Recipe

GABF gold medal–winner and Two Rivers’ Head Brewer Josh Bushey recommends using less oak and tequila than you think will be necessary. The recipe here gives you a modest start.