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Solstice American Stout Recipe

This is a fun and easy beer. It has easily-recognizable flavors, can mask minor faults, and is easy to get right. Brew it up just before the holidays, enjoy through the snowy winter months, and share with your homebrew and craft beer skeptic friends!

Figueroa Mountain Brewing's Mosaic Pale Ale Recipe

A dynamic American pale ale with developed malt and hops characteristics.

TRVE Brewing Scorn Pale Ale Recipe

A clean and simple dry-hopped pale ale designed by TRVE Head Brewer Zach Coleman.

Free Will Brewing Co.'s “Pale Stout Ale” Recipe

This should be a good “transitional” pale stout! More amber than gold, it’s still far lighter than a proper “dark” stout and still has the complex roast we expect and the creamy mouthfeel that we deserve.

Down Under Australian Sparkling Ale Beer Recipe

Australian sparkling ales needed a little something to brighten them up, and along it came: fun, funky, “Down Under” hops. With some creative hopping, these are worth your time.

The Rare Barrel's Sourtooth Tiger Beer Recipe

Sourtooth Tiger is a barrel-aged golden sour with dried ginger root. It’s ginger- forward, and the acidity brings a bright, spicy freshness to this aged beer.

Social Kitchen and Brewery Brut IPA Recipe

The one that started a trend. The Brut IPA from San Francisco's Social Kitchen and Brewery.

New Realm Belgian Tripel Recipe

Spiced with lemon peel and ginger, this beer is a clean, crisp Belgian-style tripel with complex, fruity, and spicy aromatics and flavor.

BY: Mitch St

Kettlehouse Brewing Co.'s Mac Daddy Almost Wee Heavy Scotch Ale Recipe

A rich and malty, brown elixir that spawned Kettlehouse Brewing's best seller Cold Smoke® Scotch Ale

Make Your Best Session IPA

Session IPA isn't just a question of reducing the gravity (although that's one way to go, and we will be): it's a question of generating a lot of flavor from hops and finding light ways to balance those flavors.