Beer Recipe

Recipe: Tongs of the Ancients Stone Beer

This is less a recipe and more a set of guidelines and guesses, partly inspired by the Dundulis Moko Maukas Akmeninis stone beer in Lithuania, as described by Simonas Gutautas.

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Recipe: Kros Strain Batch 625

From Kros Strain Brewing in La Vista, Nebraska, here’s a recipe based on the mixed-culture saison that thrilled our blind review panel and went on to become on of our Best 20 Beers in 2021.

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Recipe: Urban South Drip au Lait

With thanks to Urban South head brewer Alex Flores in New Orleans, here is a sample recipe for their strong, gently tart beer that combines the pleasures of fruit and coffee.

Recipe: Devil’s Advocate Golden Strong Ale

This homebrew recipe is based on everything we know about how Duvel brews its iconic golden strong ale.

Recipe: Sauber Traditional Dunkles Bock

Full of malt depth yet dry, leaner than a doppelbock yet sneaky in strength... Once you brew a dunkles bock, you’ll wonder why you don’t have one on tap year-round.

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Recipe: The Establishment Left My Wallet in El Segundo

This fan favorite at The Establishment in Calgary is an offbeat, pineapple-infused take on a light and smoky Lichtenhainer.

Recipe: Nordstern Eisbock

Brewing a great Eisbock requires restraint. Keep the recipe simple, and let the freezer do the work.

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Recipe: Deschutes Winemaker’s IPA

No grapes were harmed in the making of this experimental beer from the Deschutes pilot brewery. Instead, the beer’s wine-like character comes from grape-like hops and a winemakers’ acid blend.

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Recipe: Radiant Baby Flamingo

Passion fruit, dragon fruit, and hibiscus come together with clean, quenching lactic acidity for this punchy, vibrant, tiki-inspired fruit beer from California’s Radiant Beer.

Recipe: Lerwick Light 60-Shilling Ale

From his Make Your Best series, here’s Josh Weikert’s recipe for a delicate yet flavorful Scottish-style light ale—including an extract version.