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Beer Stories

5 Beers You’ll Want to Drink on Thanksgiving Day

From first thing in the morning to the last thing at night, a perfect beer for every moment of Thanksgiving Day.

Replanting the Seeds of Brewing

Craft-beer pioneers Kim Jordan and Carol Stoudt have led women back into the brewhouse after an absence lasting several centuries. Here Tara Nurin spotlights some of the others who have helped along the way.

Beer Operations that Support the Troops

To honor Veterans Day, we have compiled several breweries, beers, and causes that support those who have served.

Cast Your Vote: What’s Your Favorite Presidential Election–Inspired Beer?

As the election nears, we’ve decided to take a break from the candidates and focus on the beers that they have inspired.

International Stout Day (November 3, 2016)

We have the decisive guide to celebrating International Stout Day like a pro with beer recommendations, food recipes, and homebrew recipes!

Let’s Get Together . . . and Brew a Beer

As New Belgium celebrates its 25th year, spokesman Bryan Simpson shares a few ways collaboration projects have factored into the brewery’s success.

17 Chocolate Beers for National Chocolate Day

Celebrate your love of chocolate with 17 of our favorite chocolaty beers (and some chocolaty beer recipes for homebrewers, too!).

Editors’ Picks: Beer Books

Whether you’re in the mood for a light and humorous romp through beer culture, a meditative look at the flavors in beer and food, or a step-by-step visual guide to brewing, these books have you covered.

Oktoberfests: German-Brewed Edition

Here, we’ve put together a list of some of the most noteworthy Oktoberfest beers brewed in Germany.