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Best of 2017

Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine Best in Beer 2017: Homebrewers’ Picks

The results are in! We have the results of The Best in Beer 2017: Homebrewers' Picks, where you can check out homebrewing trends, favorite glassware, and more!

Critic's List: Jordanne Bryant’s Best of 2017

The Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® social media manager and Georgia native is an unabashed and unapologetic craft-beer fan girl, and her picks for best of the year showcase those Southern roots.

Critic's List: John Holl's Best of 2017

The long-time journalist and the author of the American Craft Beer Cookbook joined the staff of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® earlier this year as senior editor. Here, he loosens the bow tie and offers his picks for 2017.

Critic's List: Josh Weikert's Best of 2017

Josh Weikert is the founder of, a BJCP Grand Master, and a columnist and regular contributor to Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®. We asked him to go beyond homebrewing and offer some of his favorites from the larger beer world.

Critic's List: John Verive’s Best of 2017

Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®’s Gearhead columnist and the author of the blog Beers of Tomorrow carefully reviewed his notes from the past calendar year to offer up these beer picks, brewery experiences, and more.

Critic's List: Stan Hieronymus’s Best of 2017

The prolific author of critically acclaimed beer books and noted hop expert, took a few minutes to reflect on the past year and the breweries, beers, trends, and more that stood out from his travels.

Critic's List: Jamie Bogner’s Best of 2017

The cofounder and editorial director of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® shares his highlights from the past year of beer.

Critic's List: DontDrinkBeer’s Best of 2017

Once again we asked the blogger behind the irreverent site to step away from the satire and open up his notebook for an honest and encouraging list of favorite beers, breweries, and trends from the past year.