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Biere de Garde

Make Your Best Brown Biere de Garde

The guidelines tell us that as Bieres de Garde move toward the darker end of the spectrum, the malt complexity and intensity increase, and hops receded.

Make Your Best Amber Biere de Garde

Biere de Garde (BdG) enjoys more flexibility than most, as a style. Not only do the component style descriptors give ranges (as they do for most styles), it also allows for three distinct (uncredited) substyles based on color: blonde, amber, and brown.

Make Your Best: Biere de Garde

The Biere de Garde was once described to the author as the "King of the Belgian and French styles."

Off-Flavor of the Week: Musty

Stop drinking old books and keep your beer delicious.

Holiday Ales

With just a couple of months until the winter holidays, it’s time to start thinking about those winter brews.