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Cast-Iron Chilaquiles with Eggs Recipe

Basically, chilaquiles are corn tortilla pieces that are fried, then cooked in salsa, and sprinkled with cheese. For this summertime cookout recipe, we use a Mexican lager and make the salsa as we go, then add eggs.

Biscuits and Porky Beer Gravy Recipe

You could use a Vienna lager or a Pilsner for this recipe; both are firm enough to let the brightness of the beer shine through, but not so bitter that they overpower the sausage and herbs.

Coffee Stout French Toast with Cinnamon Whip Recipe

Grab your favorite coffee stout and head for the kitchen to try this incredible brunch recipe.

Banana Pancakes with Banana Wheat Beer Syrup Recipe

Crispy on the outside, light, fluffy, and flavored with banana and wheat beer—these are incredible (and incredibly easy) pancakes.

Hawaiian Loco Moco Recipe

In our version of Hawaii’s original homemade fast, but hearty, breakfast food, we cook the rice and make the gravy with an IPA for a hoppy kick.

Cincinnati Goetta Recipe

Goetta, a meat-and-grain sausage or mush popular in the greater Cincinnati area, consists primarily of ground meat, steel-cut oats, and spices. A roasty porter adds depth and interest to this traditional dish.

Brown Ale Waffles with Smoked Salmon Recipe

Brown ale adds flavor and a light airiness to this smoked-salmon-and-waffles appetizer.

Ale Biscuits and Country Gravy Recipe

For a true Southern-style breakfast, serve our stout country gravy and fresh buttermilk-stout biscuits.

Hop-Head Red Pork Belly and Poached Egg on a Malted Crumpet Recipe

For a special Sunday brunch, cure pork belly with a hoppy red for a fresh take on Eggs Benedict.

Wheat Beer Johnnycakes Recipe

Thought by some to be the original pancake, johnnycake is a cornmeal flatbread, basically fried cornmeal mush. Here, wheat beer adds flavor and zest.