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Brewers Perspective

Brewer's Perspectives: Unsung Hops

Certain hops play leading roles, but the supporting actors are just as important and often overlooked. Sean Buchan of Cerebral Brewing shares some of his favorites.

Malt Matters in Your Pale Ale

In a proper pale ale, the focus is, correctly, on the hops. However, no matter whether that pale ale is British in origin, or American, or Belgian, or is from the new hazy school, the malt that goes into the recipe matters.

BY: John Holl

5 Tips for Making Great Porters and Stouts

Three Four Beer Co. Co-owner and Head Brewer (and former Odell and Horse & Dragon brewer) Linsey Cornish offers five tips for brewing great stouts and porters.

Black Project Supercruise: Cofermenting with Wild Yeast

James and Sarah Howat of Denver, Colorado’s Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales love brewing with grapes, not just for the flavor contributions they provide, but also for the fermentation benefit.

Brewers' Perspective: Using Grapes in Beer

Trevor Rogers of de Garde Brewing on Quality Fruit, Contextual Process, and the Art of the Blend

Brewers' Perspectives: Making Pastry Stouts and Beers

In beer circles these days, ask about a "pastry beer" and get ready to receive an earful. It's a style that's not actually a style and includes beers that either don't contain pastry ingredients or mimic pastry. Still, there's no denying the popularity.

BY: John Holl