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Brewers Perspectives

Is Messing With Lagers a Good Thing?

Ales have long been a brewer’s playground. Lagers, the time-matured, technically difficult, were the other side of the coin. Now, lagers are being played with like ales. Is this tinkering a good thing, or are we about to jump the shark?

BY: John Holl

Brewing with Wine Grapes

The Bruery Terreux sour-beer facility has accelerated and expanded various beer projects using wine grapes. It continues to break ground with everything from imperial stouts cofermented with grape must to whole-cluster refermentations in barrels.

Building Recipes the Boneyard Way

Tony Lawrence, the brewmaster and co-owner at Boneyard Beer in Bend, Oregon, walks you through building a recipe for a clean, crisp, and very dry IPA.