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Brewing Techniques and Advice

DIY: Beer Engine

Want to have your own cask ale on tap? Jester Goldman shows you have to build a fairly simple version of a beer engine and then explains how you can pretty it up.

Ingredients Definitely Matter, Don’t They?

Floor-malted base malts are prized for their rich, aromatic flavor that is far more intense than is usually achieved by industrial malting procedures. Here’s a closer look at what makes them different.

Adding Flavors to Your Stout

Here are some tips for adding flavorings to your homebrewed stouts.

Make Your Best Festbier

Festbier, the beer actually served at Munich’s Oktoberfest, is related to Oktoberfest but a definitely distinct style. It’s a pale lager with a clear Pilsner malt biscuit bent, with some additional toasted malt flavors in support. Here’s how to brew one.

Become a Kettle Sour Expert

Meet your new friend, Lactobacillus, and learn the ins and outs of kettle souring.

Homebrewing Imperial Saisons

Making imperial saison at home can be easier than brewing other high-gravity styles.

Make Your Best Bohemian Pilsner

Bohemian Pilsner has a restrained fermentation character and a clean but complex biscuity maltiness with an absolute avalanche of hops without harsh bitterness. Brewing one is easier and harder than people think. Here’s how.

Speedy Sours

Here’s an overview of the three main options homebrewers have for getting into the fast lane to sour brewing.

Get to Know Your Malt

A malt analysis sheet gives you a glimpse under the hood to better understand what’s going on and how to optimize your process.

Make Your Best India Pale Lager

For Josh Weikert, IPL is really about making sure the “L” part (lager) is getting its due, so here, he dives in with the goal of making something that’s clearly a lager but also features hops in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the palate or the grist.