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The Search for Missing Barrels

Peter Bouckaert wants reunite the original nine barrels that made up New Belgium’s first wood-aged program. He has two already but wants to know if you’ve seen the other seven.

BY: John Holl

Breakout Brewery: Bokkereyder

“New lambic blender” are words not often spoken, but upstart Raf Souvereyns’s Bokkereyder lambic brand is putting that phrase in headlines with a distinct nod to the blending tradition and a progressive attitude toward incorporating winemaking techniques.

Make Your Best: How to Brew Any Style Well

In this final installment of MYB, Josh Weikert outlines the keys to brewing any and every beer style well.

Podcast Episode 60: Neighborhood Restaurant Group's Greg Engert: Building the Best Drinking Experience

This week on the podcast is Greg Engert, the beer director and managing partner for Neighborhood Restaurant Group in Washington D.C. which includes Bluejacket, The Sovereign, Churchkey, and Birch and Barley, among others.

BY: John Holl

Podcast Episode 59: Jack’s Abby Brewing's Jack Hendler: The Ins and Outs of Their Lager Brewing Techniques

When he and his two brothers founded Jack’s Abby Brewing in 2011, Jack Hendler thought their brewery making only lagers might grow to brew 3000 bbl of beer per year. Fast forward to 2018, where they’ll finish the year around the 50,000 bbl mark.

Pick Six: Sean Lawson of Lawson's Finest Liquids

For Lawson’s Finest Liquids Founder Sean Lawson, his 6-pack of favorite beers is always in flux. Changing based on location and what’s he’s drinking at the time, and this list is heavily influenced by the location of our interview in Nashville, Tennessee.

Podcast Episode 58: Hopworks Urban Brewery's Justin Miller: The Important Relationship Between Farm and Brewery

There's a lot to like about brewing in Portland, Oregon but for Justin Miller the Head Brewer of Hopworks Urban Brewery having access to terrific hop growers just a short drive away tops the list.

BY: John Holl

Local Breweries Helping While the Camp Fire in California Rages on

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. has stepped up with a relief fund for the fire, after its sprawling campus was threatened with destruction last week.

BY: John Holl

Beer Bars We Love in Minnesota, Colorado, and Scotland

Here are three beer bars that our correspondents examined in Issue 27 of Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine. Find the best pints in Minneapolis, Longmont, and Aberdeen with these Love Handles.

Podcast Episode 57: Triple Crossing's Jeremy Wirtes: Throw Away the Rule Book and Trust Your Tastebuds

Jeremy Wirtes, cofounder and head brewer for Triple Crossing Beer in Richmond, Virginia, may never be completely happy with the beer he makes. “We can always be better, and it’s a constant pursuit of that,” he says.