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Great Beer Bars in Calgary, Richmond, and Jersey City

Here are the three beer bars that we explored in the “Love Handles” department in Issue 26 (June/July 2018) of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®.

Breakout Brewer: Troon Brewing Co.

Troon Brewing is a small brewery that sits in an old barn on 800 acres in New Jersey’s rolling farmland. The beers produced are largely hazy IPAs, and more and more, they are being traded, checked-in, and closely examined.

Podcast Episode #42: Firestone Walker's Jeffers Richardson: The Evolution of Sour and Wild Beer

Jeffers Richardson, Director of Firestone Walker’s Barrelworks program, joins the podcast to discuss bottle conditioning wild beers, maintaining head retention in sours, building a common language for sour beer blending, and much more.

Keeping British Brewing Traditions Intact

It’s one thing to have a cask program. It’s another thing to make sure you have the equipment to do it right. Yorkshire Square Brewery peddles ale thanks to it’s impressive cellaring and serving system.

The Evolution of the India Pale Lager

A style born of the golden hops age, India Pale Lagers have evolved beyond just the combination of two styles. Drinkers today have choice, and brewers are exploring the breadth and future of IPL.

Podcast Episode 41: Suarez Family Brewery’s Dan Suarez: A Recipe is Never Finished

Dan Suarez sits down with John Holl to discuss the pressures of being popular, brewing with fruit, and why he'll never sell his brand to a larger brewing company.

Don't Put Good Beer in a Dirty Glass

If you spot carbonation clinging to the inside of a glass of freshly poured beer, that's a sure sign of grit. A few simple steps will have you drinking clean each time.

Podcast Episode 40: Great Notion’s Andy Miller: The Only Brewing Technique Constant is Change

Miller discusses their always-evolving brewing techniques, from continually “turning up the volume” on hops, to issues with changes in hops, and the return of Simcoe. Plus, the recent (temporary) shutdown of their new production brewery by the TTB.

When Brewers "Know a Guy," Kriek Can Happen

Chicago's Dovetail Brewery released a kriek earlier this week that was made possible, in part, thanks to a great relationship with one of the taproom regulars.

The Birth of the Brut IPA

An enzyme long used to help make big imperial stouts a little easier on the palate has found a new purpose in an emerging style of IPA. The Brut IPA is a dry—0° Plato—version of the style that was created just months ago and is now spreading like wildfire.