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Podcast Episode 27: Blind Enthusiasm Founder Greg Zeschuk: The Brewery Growth in Alberta, Canada

Greg Zeschuk, the founder of Blind Enthusiasm Brewing in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada talks with Senior Editor John Holl about the growing brewing scene in the province.

The Secondary Flavors of Malt

With a wide array of flavors that are imparted by simply using different malts and grain, the flavors in beer have never been more specific or diverse. From light and sweet flavors, to roast and smoke, the flavors in between continuously delight the palate

Great Beer Bars in Denver, New York, and Indianapolis

Here are the three beer bars that we explored in the “Love Handles” department in Issue 23 (December 2017/January 2018) of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®.

The Importance of the Color Red When it Comes to Malt In Beer

Color is vitally important to the visual experience of enjoying a beer. The malt and grain bill in recipes also imparts flavor, aroma, and mouthfeel. Let's dive a little deeper into the subject, and realize there’s great complexity in the ordinary.

The Malt In Your Beer Offers More Than Just Flavor

Interest from craft brewers, says one malt researcher, has "opened up a new era of research in grain and malting. There hadn't been innovation in malt for years." A look to the future of malt, its local impacts, and the embrace from brewers.

An Ode to Orval

There may be no beer or brewery more respected by brewers around the world than Orval. Here, we’ve asked brewers to share their thoughts about why this beer means so much to so many.

Podcast Episode 26: Sierra Nevada Founder Ken Grossman: The Latest Trends

Grossman talked about his early homebrewing days and his hope for the future of his family owned brewing. He also shared his thoughts on the the latest trends and reminds brewers to embrace science, not just art when it comes to making beer.

Roast on Roast: The Subtle Art of Adding Coffee to Lighter Beers

The key to unlocking the smooth combination of rich coffee flavor with malt mellowness—the hallmark of Alaskan Heritage Coffee Brown Ale—came through a collaborative (and innovative) process.

Hazy IPA Added to Brewers Association Styles for GABF Medals

The Brewers Association also added five other styles that 'reflect, as much as possible, historical significance, authenticity or a high profile in the current commercial beer market.'

Brewing Beer with Pomace

Denver’s TRVE Brewing jumped at the chance to create a beer named Ecate using grape pomace (the skins, stems, and seeds left after juice is pressed) that a local winery was discarding.