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A Brief (and Condensed) History of the Beer Can

The practice of putting beer into cans has been around for the better part of a century, and although cans are ubiquitous today, it's been a slow march to achieve that level of use.

Hops: Start to Finish

Let’s take a walk through the roles hops play during the brewing and fermentation process.

Estimating AA% Using Calibrated Hop Teas

Growing your own hops isn’t always as simple as planting, harvesting, and brewing. For those who want to get deeper into the science, leading to a more fulfilling brewing experience, here are the steps you need to estimate alpha-acid percentage.

Breakout Brewer: TRVE Brewing Co.

The taproom (also home to the original brewhouse) may be the darkest in craft beer, with the black walls, dim lighting, candles, pentagrams, and skulls you’d expect from a brewery run by dedicated metalheads

An Ode to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

It’s the beer that built this current movement—an American twist on an established style that pushed the boundary of hops. And almost forty years after its debut, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale remains both beloved and timeless.

Podcast Episode 39: Boulevard’s Steven Pauwels: From Tank 7 to Brut IPAs

Boulevard Brewmaster Steven Pauwels has made significant impacts on the American craft beer landscape over the past 19 years with classic beers like Tank 7 farmhouse ale and others.

Hop or Artichoke? A Whole Lot of Confusion

It's all about perspective. What some people see as a hops cone, others see as an artichoke, or vice versa. Can the confusion lead to collaboration?

Examining the Belgian Pale Ale

The style is versatile, flexible, and drinkable. And whatever else it might be, it isn’t really a pale ale.

Podcast Episode 38: The Bruery’s Patrick Rue: Bringing New Flavors to Beer

Patrick Rue, founder of The Bruery, is always trying to learn more and find new ways to bring new flavors to his beer. He sits down for a wide ranging conversation with John Holl about education, bottle societies, ownership, and much more.

Five on Five: Pale Ale

We asked five brewers and industry pros from around the country to share recommended favorite pale ales.