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Podcast Episode 52: Aslin Brewing Founders: Outspoken with a No-Holds-Barred Approach

Northern Virginia’s Aslin Brewing are brash and outspoken with a no-holds-barred approach that’s reflected in their progressive take on brewing.

Your Next-Morning Beer: Two Familiar Brands Collaborate on a Coffee Porter

Dunkin’, the doughnut-and-coffee chain, has connected and collaborated with another New England institution, Harpoon Brewery, to create a coffee-infused porter that will be available through the end of the year.

BY: John Holl

Podcast Episode 51: Anderson Valley's Fal Allen: Lessons Learned from Brewing Goses

From the best kinds of salts to use to how it can mess up some brewing equipment, there's no one better to talk about gose than Fal Allen. This week he talks about his new book that focuses on the style, what he's learned brewing them at Anderson Valley.

BY: John Holl

Hops: Blending and Pairing

Smart and effective hops pairing is a front-end, preproduction skill that every brewer should work to develop because pairing, blending, and mixing hops increases the odds of getting what you want out of your recipes and beers.

Special Ingredient: Brewing Dandelion Infused Beers with Afterthought Brewing

Next time you’re planning a spring or early summer homebrewing session and you look out onto the lawn and see dandelions popping up, don’t hit them with the mower. Gather a bunch and add them to a saison recipe.

BY: John Holl

Podcast Episode #50: Pinthouse Pizza's Joe Mohrfeld: Selecting and Using Hops In Your Brewing

Pinthouse Pizza Director of Brewing Joe Mohrfeld joins Jamie for a hop-centric conversation that touches on everything from hop trends in the 2018 crop year to hot and cold-side hopping methods.

Breakout Brewer: Brewery Silvaticus Ales & Lagers

Proving that experience is the best teacher, Jay Bullen, a homebrewer turned pro who has bounced from one side of the country to the other, recently settled in northern Massachusetts and is now focused on creating traditional styles.

BY: John Holl

Ten Breweries to Visit During the 2018 Great American Beer Festival

You’ll get your fill of haze and pastry stouts; hops are everywhere.

BY: John Holl

The Complex Case of Thiols

Thiols, also known as mercaptans, are sulfur-containing organic compounds with a sulfur atom bound to a hydrogen atom. Thiols make up less than 1% of the essential oils in a hops cone but might hold a key to the fashionable in-demand tropical flavors.

Ask the Experts: Should I try to match my water to a particular city for a style of beer or use another method?

Homebrew expert Brad Smith, author of the Beersmith homebrewing software, and the voice behind the Beersmith podcast, answers a question on water profiles.