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Ale-Brined Lamb with Walnut Mint Pesto and Burrata Recipe

In this recipe, the lamb is brined with IPA and savory and sweet ingredients, which makes for a rich, well-rounded flavor. Burrata is a fresh, semisoft Italian cheese that is basically mozzarella pouches filled with cream.

Spaghetti with Mushroom Bolognese Recipe

In this Bolognese sauce recipe, an American pale ale helps to cut the sweetness of the tomato sauce made with canned tomatoes.

Stout-Brined Andouille Sausage Recipe

Turn up the heat with these spicy and savory Southern sausages.

Beer and Pork Posole

The red purée of dried New Mexico chiles gives this stew its kick, and the IPA adds a lightness and hops spiciness.

Blackened Flat Iron Steak with Charred Kale and Vanilla Porter Gastrique Recipe

The smooth, sweet vanilla porter in the gastrique balances beautifully with the savory warmth of the steak and the crispy charred kale.

Spatchcock Chicken with Dried Cherry Panzanella Recipe

Dried cherries and a dark lager create a rich tangy and sweet panzanella that pairs perfectly with the crispy grilled chicken.

Molasses Porter Quail with Baby Lettuces and MaiBock Vinaigrette Recipe

Try these nosh-able quail halves marinated in porter and served on a mixed-green salad with bock vinaigrette.

Frogmore Stew Recipe

Named for a tiny town on the South Carolina coastal island of St. Helena, Frogmore stew calls for shrimp, corn on the cob, smoked sausage, and new potatoes steamed in a savory broth. Here a rye IPA adds another layer of flavor.

Beer-Braised Mushrooms with Herbed Polenta Recipe

American strong ale adds an intriguing layer to this flavorful dish. Serve it as an appetizer or light lunch.

Maryland Beer Crab Cakes

If you like Maryland crab cakes, you will love this classic recipe featuring fresh rock and lump crabmeat that is seasoned with IPA and—of course—Old Bay Seasoning.