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Extract Recipe

The Craftsman Saison Recipe

Use Northern Brewer hops for a saison with a hops character that is like strolling through the Black Forest.

Helles I Know Recipe

This recipe for a traditional Munich-style Helles is best served by the liter.

Traffic Jam on the Autobahn Recipe

This fake German lager derives its crisp, easy-drinking flavor from just two base malts: Munich and Pilsner.

Kolner Dom Kolsch Recipe

This kolsch is less hoppy with a kiss of wheat, and the hops add a slightly tart spicy flavor.

Citra IPA Recipe

This is a delightful extract IPA with a light maltiness that profiles the Citra hops’s tropical fruit flavor and aroma.

1926 Barclay Perkins London Dark Lager

Ron Pattinson explores the development of lager brewing in Britain and provides a modern-day version of a classic dark lager.

You Can Do It! Dunkel Recipe

Here’s a simple and tasty recipe when you’re ready to try your hand at lagers.

Dunkelweizen Recipe

A darker, stronger version of Bavarian wheat beer. A crisp wheat flavor is balanced by a slight chocolate maltiness. A mild clove/banana flavor accents the spicy character of Tradition hops.

“Kiss Me, I Brewed This” Irish Red Ale Recipe

This traditional Irish Red ale is a popular pounder, now updated with a gluten-reduced option.

Pumpkin Ale Recipe

Pick your brewing method—all-grain, partial-mash, or extract—for this spiced treat.