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Foraged Beer Recipe

Scratch Brewing’s Carrot Seed Ale Recipe

This carrot-seed ale uses just the seed heads and gives a hint of carrot and a layer of apricot.

Scratch Brewing’s Carrot-Ginger Saison Recipe

Roasted carrots added to the fermentor impart sweet and caramelly character to this saison while the ginger adds a hint of spice.

Scratch Brewing’s Basil Ale Recipe

Not only is basil extremely aromatic, but it also lends both a spicy edge and a sweet finish to beer—hops-like without the extra bitterness

Plan Bee Farm Brewery’s Dandeliaison Recipe

Plan Bee Farm Brewery’s Evan Watson has provided this recipe for their farmhouse ale with dandelions and honey. He says, “If you’re crazy like me, [you can] cultivate a yeast via generations of starters and raw honey. Happy Brewin’.”

Scratch Brewing's Dead Leaves and Carrots Beer Recipe

Take advantage of those fallen leaves and fresh carrots to try your hand at brewing a beer with foraged ingredients.