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Beer Books: Travel, History, and Insight

Before you pack a bag in search of new hops-fueled adventures, here are a few new books that that will inspire you to hit the road and order a pint.

BY: John Holl

Make Your Best Rye IPA

It's hop-forward, like most IPAs, but it makes use of its grist in a more obvious and substantial way than traditional IPAs. Rye is an excellent brewing grain that you should probably be using more of in general.

Got Milk? Examining Hazy IPA

What is this thing we call a Milkshake IPA? How do you make one? Should you (or anyone else) make one? Josh Weikert examines these questions and gives you guidelines for making your own—if that’s a path down which you choose to go.

Understanding Bitterness

Brewers at The Boston Beer Company ran trials to determine how common spices changed perceived bitterness in various beers. They found that there’s more to bitterness than isomerized alpha acids and more to measuring IBU than those isomerized compounds.

Tropical, Not Turbid

Designing an IPA to appeal to a wide range of beer drinkers is hard. Designing one that remains appealing to drinkers ten years later is damn near impossible.

The Secret of Hops is Malt

Mark Hastings of Überbrew argues that the selection and combination of hops varieties isn't the end-all, be-all of brewing hoppy styles. The real magic is finding the right malt and yeast combination that pulls the best character out of those hops.

Make Your Best Red IPA

This recipe will serve you well as a faithful Red IPA that avoids the pitfalls of the style while amplifying its virtues.

Florida Brewers Collaborate on Hurricane Irma Relief Beer

Tampa-area breweries will brew an IPA using hop varietals that begin with I-R-M-A with proceeds going to a local food bank.

BY: John Holl