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Lager Recipe

Start It Up! Dry-Hopped Lager Recipe

Taylor Caron, the manager of Hops & Berries homebrew supply store in Fort Collins, Colorado, shared this recipe for a dry-hopped American light lager.

JDS Roggenbier Recipe

This roggenbier can be brewed as a more dunkelweizen-inspired beer (with banana and clove and all), or it can be made as a rye-forward lager, and both can be defended as “traditionally” appropriate.

Spassmacher Rauchbier Recipe

Jester Goldman, one of our beer judges, designed this beer to be a little bigger than is typical for the style, approaching a Rauchbock. He’s brewed this recipe at home and in 2013 at a commercial scale with Equinox Brewery (Fort Collins, Colorado).

Boreas Dunkel Recipe

With the right grist and careful fermenting, you can get the best of the malt flavors in this Munich Dunkel without leaving an impression of sweetness. But, there’s an important caveat to keep in mind: don’t go too far.

Recession Lager Recipe

A lager recipe for a dry, light and crisp American lager designed with a recession budget in mind.

Sour Ostseekuste Porter Recipe

This Baltic porter that has been a consistent winner for Josh Weikert over the years. It sets up well as a kettle sour because the bright lactic acidity will pair very nicely with the dark fruit and chocolate flavors.

Let’s Celebrate National Lager Day

December 10 is National Lager Day, and we want to share the many ways you can enjoy this often-overlooked style of beer.

Your Father’s Mustache Pre-Prohibition Lager Recipe

Jeff Renner first brewed this beer when he began his investigation into what is now called pre-Prohibition lager. We’ve scaled it for a 5-gallon (19-liter) batch.

Mom & Pop’s Wet Hops Lager Recipe

Based on available ingredients, the recipe for this wet-hops lager from Jack’s Abby in Framingham, Massachusetts, changes every year.

1926 Barclay Perkins London Dark Lager

Ron Pattinson explores the development of lager brewing in Britain and provides a modern-day version of a classic dark lager.