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Off Flavors

Off-Flavor of the Week: Grassy

A beer that smells or tastes like the lawn you just mowed is likely to disappoint.

Off-Flavor of the Week: Estery

Esters represent a complex group of organic compounds that include such diverse members as butterfat, olive oil, isoamyl acetate, and butyric acid.

Off-Flavor of the Week: DMS

If you’ve ever taken a whiff of a pale lager and gotten a noseful of corn, then you’re already familiar with this week’s off-flavor.

Off-Flavor of the Week: Diacetyl

Commonly described as having an artificial butter flavor.

Off-Flavor of the Week: Alcoholic

While high alcohol is integral to strong craft beer styles such as barleywine and imperial stout, not all alcohols are created equally.