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Pilsner Recipe

Better German Pilsner

This recipe from Josh Weikert, author of the Beer: Simple blog is for a bare-bones, but crisp and flavorful, German Pils.

Bohemian Pilsner Recipe

Try this clean and crisp pilsner with a spicy hops aroma and flavor, now updated with a gluten-reduced option.

Austin Beer Garden Simple Pils

Here is a “simple” and simply delicious recipe scaled to homebrew volume from The Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co.’s Brewer Brian Peters.

Run to the Pils Recipe

Jeremy Myers, head brewer and co-owner of Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company (Croydon, Massachusetts) notes that there are no brewing salts added for mash pH adjustment. This recipe follows the Reinheitsgebot, so he uses acidulated malt.

Golden Zinger Pilsner Recipe

After saving the awesome yeast from his Start It Up! American light lager, Taylor Caron uses the yeast to brew this overly hoppy German Pils with something of a hybrid Bavarian malt bill and zealous Northern hops bill.

Breakside Liquid Sunshine Pilsner Recipe

Ben Edmunds, head brewer for Breakside Brewery in Portland, Oregon, shared this recipe for their classic German Pilsner with an emphasis on late-kettle hops.

Queen Emily’s German Pilsner Recipe

Queen of Beers best of show 2008! An excellent stylistic example of a German Pilsner.