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Podcast Episode #45: Fifth Hammer's Chris Cuzme: Keeping the Homebrewing Spirit Alive

This week he discusses brewing seasonally and with special ingredients, how music can impact beer, and the benefits and limitations of brewing in a major city.

Podcast Episode #44: Bierstadt Lagerhaus Founders: A Methodical Approach to Traditional Techniques

"We’re all in. We are doing this because it’s the only thing we wanted to do. There is no plan B."

Podcast Episode #43: Wallenpaupack Brewery's CJ Penzone: The Brewery's Story in Four Beers

CJ Penzone, the head brewer at Wallenpaupack Brewery in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains talks about making beers for locals, responding to seasonal spikes, and how one classic style has captured a new generation of drinkers.

Podcast Episode #42: Firestone Walker's Jeffers Richardson: The Evolution of Sour and Wild Beer

Jeffers Richardson, Director of Firestone Walker’s Barrelworks program, joins the podcast to discuss bottle conditioning wild beers, maintaining head retention in sours, building a common language for sour beer blending, and much more.

Podcast Episode 41: Suarez Family Brewery’s Dan Suarez: A Recipe is Never Finished

Dan Suarez sits down with John Holl to discuss the pressures of being popular, brewing with fruit, and why he'll never sell his brand to a larger brewing company.

Podcast Episode 40: Great Notion’s Andy Miller: The Only Brewing Technique Constant is Change

Miller discusses their always-evolving brewing techniques, from continually “turning up the volume” on hops, to issues with changes in hops, and the return of Simcoe. Plus, the recent (temporary) shutdown of their new production brewery by the TTB.

Podcast Episode 39: Boulevard’s Steven Pauwels: From Tank 7 to Brut IPAs

Boulevard Brewmaster Steven Pauwels has made significant impacts on the American craft beer landscape over the past 19 years with classic beers like Tank 7 farmhouse ale and others.

Podcast Episode 38: The Bruery’s Patrick Rue: Bringing New Flavors to Beer

Patrick Rue, founder of The Bruery, is always trying to learn more and find new ways to bring new flavors to his beer. He sits down for a wide ranging conversation with John Holl about education, bottle societies, ownership, and much more.

Podcast Episode 37: Lawson’s Finest Liquids’ Sean Lawson: Delivering a Clear and Expressive Hops Experience from Brewhouse to the Consumer

In this episode Sean Lawson talks about their stages of growth, the challenges and opportunities they’ve navigated through, his preferences for hops blending, and much more.

Podcast Episode #36: The Lost Abbey's Tomme Arthur: The Future, The Past, and Creating Beers

Recently, Arthur laid down a challenge. "Our industry has become reliant on collaborating solely on hazier shades of winter. It feels done and done. Can we please chart a new destination," he asked. In this episode he goes deeper with John Holl.