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Podcast Episode 40: Great Notion’s Andy Miller: The Only Brewing Technique Constant is Change

Miller discusses their always-evolving brewing techniques, from continually “turning up the volume” on hops, to issues with changes in hops, and the return of Simcoe. Plus, the recent (temporary) shutdown of their new production brewery by the TTB.

Podcast Episode 39: Boulevard’s Steven Pauwels: From Tank 7 to Brut IPAs

Boulevard Brewmaster Steven Pauwels has made significant impacts on the American craft beer landscape over the past 19 years with classic beers like Tank 7 farmhouse ale and others.

Podcast Episode 38: The Bruery’s Patrick Rue: Bringing New Flavors to Beer

Patrick Rue, founder of The Bruery, is always trying to learn more and find new ways to bring new flavors to his beer. He sits down for a wide ranging conversation with John Holl about education, bottle societies, ownership, and much more.

BY: John Holl

Podcast Episode 37: Lawson’s Finest Liquids’ Sean Lawson: Delivering a Clear and Expressive Hops Experience from Brewhouse to the Consumer

In this episode Sean Lawson talks about their stages of growth, the challenges and opportunities they’ve navigated through, his preferences for hops blending, and much more.

Podcast Episode #36: The Lost Abbey's Tomme Arthur: The Future, The Past, and Creating Beers

Recently, Arthur laid down a challenge. "Our industry has become reliant on collaborating solely on hazier shades of winter. It feels done and done. Can we please chart a new destination," he asked. In this episode he goes deeper with John Holl.

BY: John Holl

Podcast Episode #35: Maine Beer Co.’s Dan Kleban: Growing in a Smart and Purposeful Way

Maine Beer Co.’s Dan Kleban is an ardent independent with a knack for hops and a company-wide commitment to treading lightly on the planet.

Podcast Episode #34: Yazoo's Brandon Jones: When Is Wild Beer Not Truly Wild?

Brandon Jones, the brewer and blender of Yazoo Brewing Co. and the man behind Embrace The Funk has some thoughts. He sits down this week with senior editor John Holl and talks about the new Sour And Wild Ale Guild.

BY: John Holl

Podcast Episode #33: Toppling Goliath's Mike Saboe: A Perfectionist Vision for Brewing Recipes and Processes

Toppling Goliath Brewmaster Mike Saboe is a perfectionist with an uncompromising vision for how his beers should taste.

Podcast Episode #32: Rodenbach’s Rudi Ghequire: Tradition, Time, and What’s Wrong With Some of Today’s Sour Beers

Rudi Ghequire, the brewmaster of Rodenbach recently sat down with senior editor John Holl to share his thoughts on the sensation of balance. They also discuss tradition, time, and what's wrong with some of today's sour beers.

BY: John Holl

Podcast Episode #31: Jester King's Jeffrey Stuffings: Creating a Deeper Sense of Authenticity

Jester King Brewery Founder Jeffrey Stuffings is a vocal force in the brewing industry who has never been afraid to speak his mind.