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Best of 2018: Who Brews It Best?

Since any general “top breweries” list will inevitably be dominated by breweries who make IPAs, we asked our readers about their favorite beers and brewers in these eight specific styles.

Muddy Creek Porter Recipe

The robust porter (sometimes called American porter) because it can showcase almost any set of flavors you want. Brew one up now, and it’ll be perfect for your winter social events!

Make Your Best Ice Beer

Knowing how to build a recipe for fractional distillation (and, of course, how to use the process) and making a style an "Ice Whatever" is a great club to have in your bag.

Five on Five: Porter

Be it smoked, roasty, imperial, or traditional, there are plenty of great porters to be found on tap and on shelves. We asked five brewers and industry pros from around the country recommend their favorites.

BY: John Holl

The Modern Battle of Stout vs. Porter

What's the difference between porter and stout? long, quiet eras in brewing history have washed out the distinctions between the two styles, insofar as they ever were significantly different to begin with. Josh Weikert wades into to dark waters.

5 Tips for Making Great Porters and Stouts

Three Four Beer Co. Co-owner and Head Brewer (and former Odell and Horse & Dragon brewer) Linsey Cornish offers five tips for brewing great stouts and porters.

Make Your Best Pre-Prohibition Porter

Pre-Prohibition Porter is described in the guidelines as being like a less-hoppy American Porter and a less-caramelly English Porter.

Holy City Brewing's Pluff Mud Porter

Charleston, South Carolina’s Holy City Brewing’s second flagship beer was an effort to bring the American porter style to the Charleston market proper, while also making a beer that stays appealing as the mercury rises.