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Saison Recipe

High-Gravity Saison with Chinese White Pepper and Bitter Orange Peel Recipe

Here’s a conventionally made saison with the OG kicked up to 1.080 and a good dose of Chinese white pepper and bitter orange peel.

The Question Mark Saison Recipe

Have some fun with your saison by forgetting hops selection, timing, and IBUs and use a single addition of leftover hops.

The Craftsman Saison Recipe

Use Northern Brewer hops for a saison with a hops character that is like strolling through the Black Forest.

The Colonial Saison Recipe

Here we’ve used Amarillo, Chinook, and Nugget to create an American saison with a bright pineapple and blackberry flavor and a distinct resiny Nugget aroma.

More Cowbell Farmhouse Ale Recipe

The mash schedule for this beer is a bit baroque, but it works great for a farmhouse ale in the style of Boulevard Tank 7.

BY: Ian Hoke

Biere de Quattro Recipe

Brew up a batch of this farmhouse ale that is a combination saison and bière de garde.

Funkwerks Tropic King Recipe

Brew this yourself and discover why Funkwerks Brewery's Tropic King has become a local legend.

Kyle Hollingsworth’s Birthday Brew Recipe

In this recipe, musician and brewer Kyle Hollingsworth is going for a Farmhouse-style á la Boulevard Tank 7.

Saison of the Witch Recipe

A dry, crisp and spicy Belgian saison. Distinct peppery aroma and flavor.