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Best of 2018: Who Brews It Best?

Since any general “top breweries” list will inevitably be dominated by breweries who make IPAs, we asked our readers about their favorite beers and brewers in these eight specific styles.

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Full Video: How to Brew Great Saisons

From history to brew day, John Coyle and Steve Ashton cover everything you need to know to brew your next great saison.

Afterthought Brewing Company’s Saison Meer: Dandelion Recipe

Afterthought Brewing Company’s Saison Meer: Dandelion is a blonde mixed-fermentation saison brewed with dandelions and Midwestern ingredients and aged in oak.

Make Your Best Dark Saison

Dark Saison is, well, dark, but it also still features a complex and dry flavor profile, high carbonation, and a penchant for creative ingredient use that we’ve come to expect from artisanal, farmhouse styles.

Make Your Best Saison

Saison is a fantastically flexible and interesting style of beer.