Special Ingredient

Afterthought Brewing Company’s Saison Meer: Dandelion Recipe

Afterthought Brewing Company’s Saison Meer: Dandelion is a blonde mixed-fermentation saison brewed with dandelions and Midwestern ingredients and aged in oak.

Special Ingredient: Brewing Dandelion Infused Beers with Afterthought Brewing

Next time you’re planning a spring or early summer homebrewing session and you look out onto the lawn and see dandelions popping up, don’t hit them with the mower. Gather a bunch and add them to a saison recipe.

Special Ingredient: Brewers Licorice

It’s bold, and if you use too much of it, you’ll get burned. Brewer’s licorice is a potent ingredient that adds that well-known spice kick to a beer without having to use star anise or fennel.

Special Ingredient: Brewing Beer with Ginger

The most common interaction most of us have with ginger comes from a soda or as an ingredient in many Asian dishes. When it comes to beer you should let the assertive spice with the distinctive bite speak to your tastes during brewing and fermentation.

Special Ingredient: Spruce Tips in Beer

Spruce tips add an immediately recognizable aroma and flavor to beer, yet some have a hard time accurately defining the specifics. When they are collected, handled, and brewed with properly, this historic ingredient will liven up just about any beer.

Brewing with Pink Peppercorn

So named because it resembles a regular peppercorn, this ingredient is actually part of the cashew family. Still, adding it to a beer adds a spicy, floral kick.