Breakout Brewer: KC Bier

Sticking stubbornly to classical German ingredients and methods—from decoction to spunding—the brewers at KC Bier are growing their business on full-flavored, bang-on lagers and weissbier.

Frenemies: Kettle-Soured and Mixed-Culture, Under the Same Roof

We've heard the argument: Single-bacteria sour beers—so-called kettle sours—are detrimental to the success of more traditional, mixed-culture beers. But for Bret Kollman Baker of Cincinnati’s sour-focused Urban Artifact, the two coexist peacefully.

Video Tip: Malt Selection for Parti-Gyle Stouts

Brandon Bischoff, head brewer at Main & Mill, explains the challenge of choosing malts for a big stout whose mash will be used again for another beer made from second runnings.

Podcast Episode 141: Chris Harris of Black Frog Just Brews What He Likes to Drink

Chris Harris, founder and brewer at Black Frog Brewing in Holland, Ohio, embraces malty depth, seems impervious to the latest craft trends, and wants everyone to feel welcome.

How 2ndKitchen Is Helping Breweries to Solve the Unique Challenges of Reopening

Brewery-tech startup 2ndKitchen has worked to build new products, features, and solutions to the COVID-related reopening issues that face breweries over the coming weeks and months.

Gearhead: Keeping an Eye on a Brewery’s Microscopic Workforce

For a price, automated cell counters can save valuable lab time otherwise spent peering into microscopes and counting manually.

Infographic: Top Hops

Here we depict the most-grown hops (by acres harvested) in the Pacific Northwest from 2014 to 2019, showing the top 10 each year. The width of each band represents the number of acres grown that year; one inch is about 6,500 acres.

Five on Five: Mixed-Culture Beers

Mixed-culture beers run the gamut from lighter, nuanced, farmhouse-style ales to acid-forward wild ales and lambic beers. Here, five respected brewers share favorites from these broad categories that influenced them or exemplify the best of today.

Podcast Episode 140: Jeff Herbert of Superstition Meadery on Envisioning and Making Best-in-Class Craft Beverages

The cofounder of Arizona's Superstition Meadery has always been driven to explore what makes something the best. In this episode, he walks through the process of innovation they’ve built to support those aspirations.

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Recipe: Weihenstephan-Style Hefeweissbier

As a rule, the Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan doesn’t open its books to share exact recipes. However, at our request, Brewmaster Tobias Zollo generously agreed to share a recipe based on the world classic Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier.