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Recipe: pFriem Lemon Zest Farmhouse Ale

A traditional-style farmhouse ale is infused with lemon zest, giving the beer a bright, fresh lemon flavor to balance the earthy, fruity base. A refreshing crusher for any season.

Podcast Episode 111: Peter Bouckaert on Brewing with Wood, Creativity, and New Belgium's Sale to Kirin

Stints at Rodenbach and New Belgium solidified Peter Bouckaert's love of wood and experimentation. Now focusing on small-scale experiments at Purpose, he’s doubling down on creative ingredients, processes, and beer design.

Video Tip: Managing Acidity in Lactic Fermentation

Know your bugs and how fast they work, and keep an eye on that pH. In this clip from our full video course on kettle-souring, Resident Culture's Chris Tropeano talks about careful kettle-souring.

Editors' Picks: Farmhouse Ales

Make it funky, or keep it rustic? From Saccharomyces fermentations to mixed-culture medleys, here are some of the finest retellings of that old story called "saison."

Best in Beer 2019: Your Favorite Cities & Beer Bars

Where to drink? We asked, and you told us. Here are our readers' top destinations for enjoying great beer.

Drink in a New Language

Welcome to the world of Japanese craft beer.

Editors' Picks: From New Hops to Smart Airlocks

Our editors are always on the lookout for new products of interest to brewers and beer enthusiasts. From Sultana to Plaato, here are our picks from the October-November 2019 issue.

Podcast Episode 110: Comrade's David Lin and Marks Lanham on Brewing New-School West Coast IPAs

The founders of the 2019 GABF Small Brewing Company and Small Brewer of the Year discuss philosophy and techniques behind their hoppy beers, and more.

Video Tip: Avoiding Unwanted Bugs in Kettle-Soured Beers

In this clip from our full video course on kettle-souring, Resident Culture's Chris Tropeano talks about pre-boiling and de-aerating wort, creating an ideal environment for lactic bacteria.

Best in Beer 2019 Readers' Choice: Your Favorite Breweries By Size

You voted, and we tallied. Here are your favorite breweries, broken down by barrels brewed.