Whitelock’s Ale House Is at the Heart of Leeds and Its Story

From our Love Handles files on beer bars we love: The two-centuries-old Whitelock’s Ale House is the jewel in the beer crown of Leeds, England.

Podcast Episode 304: Adam Brož of Budějovický Budvar Loves Talking About and Brewing Great Lager

From the famously soft water to whole-cone hops and extraordinarily long maturation, the brewmaster at Budvar delights in all the details that shape one of Czechia’s most popular beers.

Racking, Packing, and Carbonating: Packaging Your Beer at Home

From our Illustrated Guide to Homebrewing, here’s what you need to know about packaging—the key step that transports beer from the fermentor to your face.

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Recipe: Reuben’s Brews Little Fox Red Ale

From Reuben’s Brews in Seattle, here’s a recipe for a modernized take on amber ale that features plenty of hops in the whirlpool and a broad, malty foundation.

Editors’ Picks: Red & Amber Ales

Whether they’re smooth, malty throwbacks or hop-drenched progressives in crimson tuxedos, here are some of the best American amber and red ales we know.

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Recipe: Lervig Paragon Barleywine

“Paragon is our barrel-aged barleywine produced like a vintage,” says Mike Murphy, brewmaster at Lervig Aktiebryggeri in Stavanger, Norway. “Every year is the same but slightly different due to blending, subtle differences, and other variables. We stick to the same base recipe, and the yeast [and] aging do the rest.”

Point of Pride: Brewing Paragon with Lervig’s Mike Murphy

An American brewer in Norway inspired by English flavors is producing some of Europe’s most sought-after barleywine, with a new blended vintage appearing once a year. Here, brewmaster Mike Murphy explains the philosophy behind Paragon and offers practical tips for brewing your own.

Brooklyn’s BierWax Gives Beer a Great Soundtrack

From our Love Handles files on beer bars we love: This community-minded, audiophile bar stacks the walls with vinyl and the taps with quality.

Podcast Episode 303: Peter Kiley of Monday Night Is Creating A Framework That Supports Innovation

From high-gravity brewing to pushing new techniques in quick-soured fruit beer, Monday Night brewmaster Peter Kiley isn’t afraid to tackle difficult projects that make life easier on his team of brewers—as long as quality remains the number-one focus.

Cooking with Pale Ale: Bacon-Wrapped Goat-Cheese Poppers with Sour-Cream Dipping Sauce

This has all the makings of one of the world’s great beer-and-snack combinations—spicy-earthy Mexican flavors and zesty American pale ale.