167 of the Best Saisons, Blind-Tasted and Ranked

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Brasserie de Jandrain-Jandrenouille Jandrain IV Saison (80)

Hops flavor is medium-high with an earthy, peppery, and fruity presence. Big earthy tea-like hops character. Spicy phenols play into that with a bit of lemony esters in the background. The finish is dry and the body light, bordering on watery.

Brasserie Dunham Saison du Pinacle (81)

Big juicy tropical citrus hops with a slight orange tang and hint of herbal. Fruit character hits with pineapple, mango, and gooseberry, but it quickly fades to a thin bitter beer with some harsher <em>Brett</em> flavors and slight hops astringency.

Hopfenstark Saison Station 55 (82)

Hops flavor is big, with grapefruit, pine, and earthy spiciness. A residual caramel essence lingers to finish with a great balance of sweet and bitter hops. Some light chocolate, orange, grapefruit, and toasty notes. Good carbonation.

Stone Brewing Company/Dogfish Head Brewery Saison du Buff (82)

There is a bounce between the herbal sage notes and the sweetness from this beer, however the beer is left with a bitterness from the spice that takes over in the finish. Low carbonation and astringent on the finish. Crazy herbal notes—sage, juniper berry, pine taste like you’ve grabbed a bunch and rubbed it in your hands.

Odell Brewing Company Prop Culture (82)

A mix of the floral and fruity <em>Brett</em> characters up front are quickly diminished by the more coarse, cheesy, funky notes. The spice character lingers with the flavors of over-ripe stone fruit, bananas, and a touch of citrus. Carbonation is moderate-to-low, and finishes semi-dry.

Upright Brewing Fatali Four (83)

Starts with a delicate orangey lemon, then the spice of the chile gradually grows throughout the taste. Smoke paprika in the middle, and raspberry as the heat starts to build. The spice sticks in the back of the tongue and lingers. Some buttery and vegetal flavors in the finish.

Swamp Head Brewery Saison du Swamp (84)

Touches of caramel apple, with honey notes that are present but not overpowering, and add a nice sweetness. Stronger floral, strawberry, and lemon notes complement the pepper, spearmint, and corn chips flavors. Somewhat sweet-yet-dry saison that fades to a light, tart, bitter finish.

Brasserie St. James 1904 (84)

Big banana and orange, plus peppery phenols. A nice citrus fruity sweetness plus hints of peach. The funk gives it a nice blend of complexity. Some lemon notes hit and carry through. Almost white wine–like, with light tartness and fruitiness. A touch of tannin character lends to the white-wine comparison. Subtle minerality and alcohol warmth.

The Brew Gentlemen Beer Company Ligne Claire (85)

Wonderfully fruity up front that transitions to a spicy, peppery bitterness. Medium malt sweetness that balances the hops well. Medium-to-high body and highly carbonated, which carries throughout the drink.

Adelbert's Brewery Scratchin' Hippo (85)

Big toasted malt, big kettle caramelization, mouth-filling carbonation, a touch of black pepper and black licorice, moderately nutty. Earthy/minty hops, light pear, touch of apple, moderate raisin. Woody hops finish is complementary with the cherry esters.

Smuttlabs Daily Brett (85)

Very cidery with mousey funk. Earthy, fruit punch, slight orange, and peppery spice. Light sweetness and light acidity. Very dry and a bit watery. Big carbonation up front and a big grape juiciness that reminds me of one of those grape frozen popsicles. Finish is semisweet with big fruity peach and light grape notes. Some subtle bready malt tones come through and a hint of THP/Cheerios. A nice tartness and mostly balanced, but somewhat dry finish.

Stone Brewing Company Stone Saison (85)

Profile is complex with a strong herbal (lavender and lemon thyme) and perfumey character that blends with the sharpness and sweetness of lemon. A touch grassy. Light malt sweetness with strong bitterness. Nice dry finish with a deep, lingering pithy aftertaste.

Anchor Brewing Company Anchor Saison (85)

Sweetness is profiled and carries notes of moderate malt and lemon citrus. Lemon and ginger. Fruit character balanced by medium bitterness. Earthy, spicy notes help balance and supply a dry, graham cracker finish.

The Saint Louis Brewery Schlafly Saison (85)

Citrus and tropical esters dominate with low clove and pepper spice and a bit of white bread malt/yeast character. High carbonation with a big fruitiness—almost banana-like in the beginning. Flavor is gone as soon as the sip is over. Moderate bubblegum-like note throughout the sip. Medium sweetness and dry finish.

Cape May Brewing Harvest Ale (85)

Some bready malt character comes through with notes of banana. Grape must character is present but dry in character, and this adds a slight sweetness but not much. Hints of fruit—apple and peach—with a strong fermentation character and lightly tart in finish.

Mother's Brewing Company Blood Orange Saison (85)

Great blood-orange flesh and zest notes throughout, but the base beer is a flash of carbonation that quickly fades to almost nothing on your palate. Finishes thin and slightly bitter with a carbonic bite. The lingering bitterness is not unpleasant. There’s a marmalade character to the flavor.

Perennial Artisan Ales Regalia (86)

Fairly oxidized. Raisin and honey up front. Orange, apple, and a bit of almost cinnamon. A wheat-like sweetness with some lemon and slight acidity. Fruity esters add complexity. Low carbonation and finishes with a slight silky sweetness. Odd sweetness that lingers a bit too long, but it does dry out and the hops and carbonation keep it from feeling heavy.

Funkwerks Paisley (86)

A mango-like sweetness carries throughout and works with the spice notes. Pineapple and orange <em>Brett</em> funk with a huge rose-floral (geraniol) character. The finish is dry with low bitterness and moderate carbonation. Strong <em>Brett</em> funk, but tempered with some saison yeast fruity ester and malt sweetness.

Brasserie De La Senne Saison du Meyboom (86)

Sharp carbonic bite up front with a slight lemon note in the background. In the aftertaste, mostly bitterness—some from hops but some from an astringent note. High spiciness. As the carbonation starts to dissipate, a slight lemon fruitiness starts to come out. Grainy malt flavor and a touch of Pilsner-like malt characteristic in the middle. High earthy hops flavor that dominates the back. Grassy and spicy notes that linger far into the aftertaste. Balance is toward the hops, but it pairs well with overall malt bill. Clean dry finish with a lingering hops astringency.

Funky Buddha BA Undefeated Saison (86)

Some nice dryness with a barnyard earthiness. Estery spice notes add to the complexity. White grapes give it a bit of sweet but finish dry in the taste. Strong carbonation, and the finish is relatively dry, somewhat tannic, though balanced and interesting.

Terrapin Beer Co. Blueberry Thyme Saison (86)

The first sip isn’t as intense as the aroma. There is a Belgian-like character to this beer with grapes, plums, and blueberries that transitions into a light thyme flavor that grows to moderate by the end of the glass. Heavy body with light carbonation and a touch of alcohol warming and smoke.”

Great Divide Brewing Co. Nadio Kali Hibiscus Saison (86)

The flavor of this beer hits with some earthiness and pepper character. The spice notes carry through the taste. Some sweetness from the hibiscus. A little on the sweet side, but that plays well with the hibiscus. Clean tart finish. In the back sits some light malt sweetness with a little tartness. The carbonation is moderate.”

Adelbert's Brewery Hibiscus Saison (86)

Light and delicate. Sweet and tart from the hibiscus notes. Medium body, light malt sweetness, a touch low on the carbonation for a saison, moderate acidity, light lemon, touch of hops floral notes and grassy, some light black pepper. Aftertaste is sweet with a slight acidity and a very light bitterness.”

Upright Brewing Five (87)

Surprisingly bitter for style, almost astringent. Yeast esters still present, but fitting for a place at the table with the heavy-handed use of hops. Spicy pepper and herb, grassy lemongrass, grapefruit, and orange. Slight floral iris comes through retronasal. Very light malt sweetness develops into a moderate firm hop bitterness that slowly fades into a dry finish. Carb is medium- to-low for the style.

Council Brewing Company Prickly Pear Beatitude (87)

Strong prickly pear, candy, and green-apple taste, with light raspberry and hibiscus notes. The sweetness is overshadowed by the Brett funk and biscuit maltiness, which is common among young <em>Brett</em> beers. Husky, earthy, somewhat sweet aftertaste.

Stillwater Artisinal Ales Cellar Door (87)

Sage comes through strong with a slight medicinal lemon spice behind it. Moderately sweet then slowly fades into a sweet and bitter finish. Herbal notes really shine in this beer. Carbonation is low and balances the herbal and malt sweetness well. Dry and crisp. Finishes clean yet hoppy.

Fonta Flora Brewery Brine Oyster Saison (87)

Big salt complexity with slight tartness. Acidity is very nice with this beer as it complements the salty characteristic. Very dry with wonderful carbonation that does justice to all the flavors and helps carry them. The salt and sweet bounce off each other with tartness and malt/fruity sweetness from start to the finish. The smoky character is a bit unexpected and comes through pretty strong—BBQ (hickory?) smoky. Almost BBQ sauce or ribs, except quite tart.

Brasserie Dupont Avril (87)

A fantastic mouthfeel and medium but light malt flavor that plays well in the back, with an almost smoky hops flavor. The focus is quite earthy, with hints of moss, hay, and bark. Moderate apple tartness in the middle with coriander, and a nice, spicy finish. The carbonation is light and enhances the beer, leaving a dry freshness.

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project Surette Provision Saison (87)

Ripe peach, apricot, and lemon up front with a nice lactic tartness that rounds out the fruit character. Finishes mostly dry with a slightly lingering tartness. Apricot up front with red grape and toasty biscuit malt. Finish is very dry with slight peach notes and heavy <em>Brett.</em>

Brouwerij De Ranke Saison de Dottignies (87)

Big sweetness up front with a honey note and light lime. Transitions into a bitter, spicy note that extends all the way into the aftertaste. Big/high American hops flavor of grapefruit and other citrus. Orange and wet hay “farmhouse” character. Bitterness lingers beyond the finish. Dry and nice carbonation.

Breakside Brewery Belly Laugh (87)

Malt sweetness is evident but restrained. Lemon and citrus hops flavor with some balanced earthy spiciness. Citrus esters and bready malt are light but very refreshing. Spicy note toward the end of the sip plays with the carbonation, but the carbonation creates the bitterness.

Jester King Brewery Repose (87)

A sharp sweetness up front that sticks through the dry, crisp finish. Peanut butter, orange, passion fruit, and banana, with hints of cherry, apple, tart pineapple, and sweet vermouth. Milk funk from the wood that adds complexity.

Smuttynose Brewing Company Hayseed (88)

Bready and malty, with a grainy flavor. Peppery, woody, piney flavor that lingers. A light peach, cherry, and tangerine sweetness that finishes tart, light, and dry. Moderate carbonation, and light-bodied.

Allgash Brewing Company Astrid (88)

Lots of juiciness and sweetness up front, like cane sugar, but with a healthy amount of tartness to keep it balanced. Stone fruits with some wine, oak, orange, and slight lemon. A bit of malt, but also some corn chip notes from young Brett. Moderate-to-low carbonation, a touch of tannic character for body, and a Sweet Tarty flavor that lingers.

Council Brewing Co. Beatitude Mango Tart Saison (88)

A combination of bright acidity and tart mango with noticeable <em>Brett</em> characteristics. The acidity lightens up the beer, but does drown out the mango. Some malt notes, but the <em>Brett</em> is doing its best to chew up what’s left.

Brasserie du Bocq Saison 1858 (88)

Low malt presence and a slight Thai basil earthy/herbal flavor in the middle. A bit of tartness and pepper that lingers to balance the lemon and lemongrass. Dry finish with a medium body. Grape and citrus come through strong. Light astringency before the end that transitions back to a moderate lemon flavor.

Funky Buddha Undefeated Saison (88)

Pepper, honey, spicy phenols, autolyzed yeast, aggressive alcohol, medium bitterness, and extreme effervescence that causes tingling on the inside of the cheeks. Finishes absolutely bone dry. Throughout there’s a little lemon, some earthy hay-like funk, and some dry white grape wine flavors.

Boulevard Saison Brett 2018 (88)

Orange-juice, peach, spicy and slightly astringent alcohol. Clean, light, bready malt background. Moderately sweet with moderate bitter and sour in the finish. For a beer in this category, seems light on the Brett funk—a younger beer, perhaps?

Cerebral Brewing Ambiguous Vibes (88)

The melon character really comes out in the flavor with the citrus more in the background. Honeydew and melon rind. A bit grassy. Wet hay <em>Brett</em> funk. Low sweetness and low-to-moderate bitterness. Some roundness from the chardonnay barrel adds another level of character. Finishes slightly sweet. Nice tropical fruit flavors (passion fruit, pineapple). Nice light very dry finish. Some white pepper notes in the finish.

Toolbox Brewing Company Mackinaw Batch #2 (88)

Funky peaches (peach pie with a slice of lemon) with a lot going on. The sweetness of the ripe peaches combines with an earthy funk. The acid sourness helps to support the complexity, and the high carbonation level gives it a nice light feel. Really like the balance and mouthfeel.

Blackberry Farm Brewery Spring Saison (89)

Complex flavors with big notes of coriander and pepper, and the spiciness plays well with the orange, tangerine, and lemongrass characteristics. Moderately sweet with a bit of hops bitterness at the finish. Gentle malt in the back, with some mild astringency.

Southern Tier Brewing Company Grand Arbor (89)

Sweet honey and syrup alongside lemon citrus. High caramel malt sweetness somewhat balanced with acidity. Light maple character, medium body, and medium bitterness. Dry finish with a carbonic bite.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company Ovila Abbey Saison (89)

A good balance of fruit with spicy pepper notes. Peppercorns continue through from the aroma. Lemony sweetness with soft malt sweetness and moderate bitterness from earthy hops. Medium body with high carbonation. A touch of tartness offers brightness in the dry, slightly warm finish.

North Coast Brewing Company Le Merle (89)

Malt sweetness up front. Sweet, maybe even too sweet, but sweetness was well balanced with acidity, hops, and carbonic bite. Mild hop character, earthy and lemony, with excellent yeast esters. Wish it were more carbonated.

Two Roads Brewing Company Worker’s Comp (89)

Moderate spicy notes up front with a forward lime note. Very light body (maybe a touch too light) with high carbonation. Moderate spiciness up front with a black pepper–like note that slightly overpowers the esters. Wonderful malt sweetness is appropriate and balances well with the hops flavor. Very well-balanced, but hops shine through with some slight yeast characteristics. Overall clean finish with some spice.

Black Shirt Brewing Stringbender (89)

Peeeeeaches. Very low sweetness, although there’s an impression of sweetness because of the peach, with moderate bitterness. Peppery phenolics. Low sour. Dry overall finish.

Hop Butcher Weirdsmobile (89)

Dankness, passion fruit, pine, pithy orange, and lemon peel, touch of peppery phenolics. High bitterness is compounded by the expected bone-dry finish. Balance is all about the IBUs in this one. Some saison character is hiding under massive hops burst.

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project Colorado Wild Sage (89)

Complex spice notes of ginger and Szechuan peppercorn. Pithy, astringent finish but not necessarily off putting. Some orange and strawberry on the retronasal along with lemongrass. There’s sharpish tartness that gives this one an edge, but the aftertaste is too spicy.”

Elevation Beer Company Signal de Botrange (90)

A dry wine-like finish, with white grape, peach, lemon, and slight orange fruit notes present. Delicate taste, with some alcohol, but the carbonation helps to dry the beer. The malt sweetness counters the fruit, and the very slight funk provides further balance.

Adelbert's Brewery Contemplating Waterloo (90)

Big banana and banana peel with herbal juniper and pine plus pepper in the background. The piney gin character hits first but transitions smoothly into orange notes. Finishes dry with a pine taste lingering. Slightly under-carbonated.

Stillwater Artisanal Stateside Saison (90)

Lemon and lemongrass dominate with slight apple and pear flavors in the middle. Finishes with a very prominent lemon bittering flavor that lingers. Slight tartness on the back/finish. Finish is bitter but not astringent. Medium body and carbonation. Earthy tea-like hops blend with fruity tangerine esters and spicy peppery phenols.

Wicked Weed Brewing La Bonte with Figs (90)

A tart fruity initial impression. Figs, or is that cherry Jolly Rancher? <em>Brett</em> offers a grounding woodiness, and fortunately it tastes much better than it smells. A significant amount of funk, but in a good way—a punch of acidity to complement the light maltiness and subtle fig taste.

Great Divide Brewing Company Colette (90)

Moderate malty sweetness and fruity lemon character. Finish has some hops bitterness but is still sweet. Amazing hops flavor. Some oxidized cardboard flavors. Very sweet. Warming but not hot.

Allagash Brewing Company Saison (90)

Moderately sweet malt flavor and citrus with some spicy, peppery notes. Strong lemon zest flavor. Sweetness carries through but is balanced by other complexities. Dryness indicative of light sugar as with a tripel. A little too bitter in the finish, like a lemon rind. Some warmth, but not hot.

Trinity Brewing Company One Ear (90)

Moderate grapefruit flavor with a tartness and spiciness that extend into the aftertaste. Moderate bitterness and moderate carbonation. Hops dominate this beer. Huge white-wine character that’s citrusy and tropical. Seems like it would be sweet, but overall sweetness is fairly low and transitions into a pleasant acidity and bitterness. Dry finish is very clean with a touch of bitterness.

Brouwerij Hof Ten Dormaal Saison (90)

Tart notes up front with big grapefruit and lime notes. I would guess Brett in this beer because of that. Moderate spiciness toward the end of the sip that could be considered harsh, but then a big grapefruit flavor comes in to finish it off. Overall malt sweetness is low. Balanced toward yeast characteristics and hops flavor. Very refreshing. Extremely dry, but in a drinkable way.

Birds Fly South Rumblefish (90)

Dry and funky. Earthy hops (onion, lemongrass) finish. Slight tartness. No sourness. Slight acidity. More dry/tart than sour, and that dryness is amplified by the significant bitterness. Light clean bready pale malt background. Nice wild Brett/woody character in the aftertaste.

Side Project Brewing Bleuet du Fermier (90)

As in the aroma, there’s lots of intense dark fruit, blueberry, and cherry along with lemon and lemongrass. The lactic and blueberry sweetness are very rich and well blended. Tannins (probably from the fruit) help round things out and make you want another sip. Finishes dry.

Schlafly Beer Farmhouse IPA (90)

Rose-like floral hops hit in the front and carry through the finish with a slight bitterness. The lemon/orange notes sit in the back behind the more dominate hops flavor. Carbonation is good, and the finish is slightly dry with a lingering bitterness. Dry yet somewhat creamy.

Oddwood Ales Saison (91)

Peach dominates with slight <em>Brett</em> funk in the background but the acidity dominates. Dry flavor profile with high raspberry fruitiness that pushes almost to astringency. Aftertaste is tart and long lasting with peach-skin and raspberry notes. Tons of juicy stone-fruit flavors (overripe apricots and nectarines) with a subtle tartness that cuts through the fruit character. Balance is a bit toward the dry side, but not bone-dry, which keeps it refreshingly drinkable.

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery Full Color (91)

Candy and caramel note up front with a medium sweetness transitioning into a sour-apple note. Citrus notes of lemon and lime plus a touch of peach followed by a pronounced Pilsen malt sweetness and even a hint of toasted malt. Sweet in the start with a drying tart finish and just a touch of funk.

Green Bench Brewing Co. Saison de Banc Vert (91)

Starts a bit sweet and becomes moderately acidic with a finish that’s sweet, sour, and bitter. Lemon and stone fruit with a hint of tartness. Finishes semidry with a slight tart note. Lots of pineapple, peach, and spicy, smoky phenols—almost a BBQ sauce. Some horse blanket but just a touch of <em>Brett</em> with a few woody notes. High carbonation pushes into a light, dry finish.

The Commons Brewery Maybelle (91)

Sweet and sour notes up front with peach sweetness and a slight oak sour note. Light creamy consistency at the end with a nice peppery spiciness. Fruity sweet with a tart finish—almost with a touch of wood/oak. Medium body with a dry sour finish. Apple, pear, peach, apricot fruit character dominate up front that coupled with the malt sweetness gives a very sweet fruity character. Barnyard <em>Brett</em> in the background. Moderate sweet into strong sour that fades back into a low-to-moderately sweet finish.

Casey Brewing & Blending Saison (91)

Moderately dry, medium body. Tart notes up front, orange and lime esters throughout. Moderate carbonation creates a refreshing bite toward the end. A puckering sensation after the taste lingers in the back of my mouth a while after the sip. Apricot, peach, and lemon up front with a bit of barnyard/horse blanket, must, and leather. Acidity pairs nicely with the <em>Brett</em> character, and the finish is surprisingly balanced.

Funkwerks, Inc. Tropic King (91)

As in the aroma, the fruity esters are dominant, primarily apple, apple cider, and pear. Tangerines, oranges, plums, dates. Some light floral and herbal notes. A touch of spice at the back end. Sweetness slowly fades and it finishes moderately dry with slight alcohol warmth.

Toolbox Brewing Company Saison Rustique Framboise (91)

Screams raspberry with low-to-moderate sweetness that quickly transitions into high acidity. Huge tart raspberry esters pull everything together. Some nice bready notes and subtle funkiness provide support to balance things out.

Green Flash Brewing Company Cellar 3 Natura Morta Cherry (92)

Moderately strong cherry tartness with a touch of bitterness, light acidity, and vanilla. The aftertaste is strong cherry with a touch of tannin. The distinct sharpness highlights the cherry tartness and keeps it dry.

Perennial Artisan Ales Foeder Saison (92)

Moderate apricot and pear notes with a mild <em>Brett</em> note toward the end of the sip that sticks around after the taste and coats the tongue. Light on the spices with a medium amount of sweetness right at the end of the sip. Orange and vanilla up front followed by a pleasant lemon/citrus tartness. Mostly dry finish accentuates the tartness.

The Bruery Saison Rue (92)

Intense sweet honey and dark fruit character with light hop bitterness. Malty sweet and slightly lacto-acidic. Effervescent finish with lingering sweetness—a tad too sweet for the style at this point, but it should dry out over time.

Prairie Artisan Ales Birra (92)

Good balance of sweet citrus character. Very prominent lemon, light malt character and a hint of bittering hops that work well with the yeast. White pepper, some notes of coriander and banana and pear esters. High carbonation gives a little acidity in the dry finish.

Victory Brewing Company Swing (92)

Moderate sweet malt is immediately overpowered by dominant bitterness. Lots of lemon zest, almost bitter pithy-ness. Playful fruit character that leans more toward phenols than esters. High carbonation and finishes dry, crisp, and slightly bitter with lingering astringency. Great body for a session beer.

Perennial Artisan Ales On y Va (92)

Foreground is a light spicy saison character: earthy, herbal, lemon, stone fruit, grainy malt, spicy phenolics of clove and pepper. Hops come through as a citrus background. Finishes very dry and crisp.

The Brew Gentlemen Beer Company Homegrown Saison (92)

Moderate spiciness up front with a slight chili flavor (not the heat). Creamy consistency with a moderate vanilla note toward the back. Raspberry notes and an earthy spiciness. Aftertaste has a bit of a peach-skin astringency that lingers well after the sip. Nice stone-fruit and lemon esters mixed with a floral character. Subtle acidity in the back adds to the citrus flavors.

Off Color Brewing Apex Predator (92)

Fruit-forward from a mix of esters and hops. Slightly tart throughout with light bready malt sweetness up front and in the finish. Finish moderately dry with a bit of aspirin-like bitterness from yeast bite. The fruitiness is the star of the show.

Revolution Brewing Coup D’etat (92)

Assertive combination of saison yeast flavors, similar to the aroma. The beer dries out quickly, despite a touch of sweetness up front, with a lingering bitterness. A through line of floral, herbal flavor is pleasant the first couple sips but distracting deeper in. Light tangerine and herbal with a bit of wet hay. The earthy spice character helps cut some of the sweetness and adds complexity.

Surly Brewing Cynic (92)

Sweet with fruit notes of orange, white grape, and pear. Then some pepper herbal notes behind that. Some toasty biscuit notes come through. Finishes slightly sweet but still a bit dry. Medium carbonation at the end gives it a vibrant finish.

Brasserie St. James Red Headed Stranger (93)

A subtle mix of malty complexity and restrained yeast spice and ester—very pleasant. Nice pear and date yeast esters with a healthy amount of pepperiness and noble hops character. The malt is mostly just a light caramel with a bit of bread crust.

Transient Artisinal Ales Ardent with Apricot (93)

The apricot dominates the front end, but a moderate amount of tartness prevents it from becoming too sweet and fruity. A healthy amount of funk also complements the fruit. Surprisingly, a subtle amount of spice, typical of saisons, makes an appearance, a rarity for these fruity farmhouse styles. Light barrel character, but the fruit and funk are the stars.

Wicked Weed Brewing Fille de Ferme (93)

Sour throughout that builds and falls leaving a lingering acidity like after eating sour candy. Moderate carbonation and very dry finish. The honey character adds sweetness in the back. Light funk helps to cut the sweetness and clean the beer out in the finish. Like a glass of lemonade.

Trinity Brew Menacing Kumquat (93)

Heavy citrus/kumquat up front that carries through the entire taste. A mild bitterness, either from hops or fruit, complements the citrusy sweetness, but a touch too much. The spice and vanilla are present as well, but only slightly. A noticeable tartness keeps everything in line. Bright fruit character bursts out of the glass.

Aspen Brewing Company Saison (93)

Citrus orange sweetness and a slightly herbal character along with spicy pepper notes. Lots of yeast character. Fruity citrus and apples with light grapefruit. Finishes somewhat bitter with moderate sweetness. Bitterness and sweet orange peel fighting through to the end.

Blackberry Farm Brewery Classic Saison (93)

Big lemon and light grape notes up front with plenty of carbonation. Moderate grapefruit with a pithiness creates a dryness at the end of the sip. Tangerine carries through with light peppery phenols and white bread. Low malt sweetness up front gives way to a mix of moderate acidity and bitterness. Earthy hops presence with a slight floral and basil flavor. Clean and well-balanced. Hops bitterness lingers with a slight tartness in the back.

Outer Range Brewing Final Summit (93)

There’s still white grape, pepper, and a touch of bready, but more floral in the flavor, specifically iris. Very low sweetness into a moderately bitter dry finish that lingers a bit. Oniony, spicy hops, orange, and pineapple, spicy alcohol, light bready malt.

Two Roads Brewing Holiday Ale (94)

Smooth malt base allows restrained earthy hops flavor to come through. Finishes dry while spicy phenols enliven the flavor. The yeast character hews more estery, with enough spice to add a nice note.

Wicked Weed Brewing Bretticent (94)

<em>Brett</em> funk dominates with stone fruit esters playing a supporting role. A bit of sweet and tart but not overly sour. Very dry finish with moderately strong carbonation. Some sweet citrus and peach. Has a touch of oak-like astringency in the finish. The spicy Noble hops are a nice touch. A nice dry finish with just a hint of bitterness in the finish.

Transient Artisan Ales Cuvier (94)

Lots of stone fruit and cherries up front with a hint of citrus, followed by a pleasant lactic tartness and oak flavors of vanilla and toffee. Finish is mostly balanced with the tartness lingering every so slightly. Light vanilla and sour peach right before the end of the sip. This beer is very, very sour.

Jester King Brewery Colour Five (94)

The heavy blueberries almost instantly dry out, leaving just a subtle amount of light malt and just a bit of funk. To call this beer dry would be an understatement. The fruit character, though pleasant, is gone as soon as it arrives as the bitterness and esters overpower it.

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery Goldrush (94)

The apple cider thins the beer body and adds fruitiness. Mild astringency in the aftertaste from tannins. A very dry beer/cider hybrid with a nice oak and tannin complement. A touch of funky phenols to keep it interesting, but it doesn’t get in the way of the cider and spicy saison notes.

Elevation Beer Co. Raspberry Gulch (94)

Strong raspberries with a touch of sweetness and the expected light saison esters and phenols. It’s hard to pick out other flavors in the beer because the raspberries are so dominant. No astringency from raspberry seeds. Sweet for a saison and sacrifices the spicy saison notes.

Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales Bam Bière (94)

Brettanomyces funk and bright tartness add complexity to the base saison. Medium, almost husky, grain-malt profile with strong, fruity acidity. No hop flavor. Very dry finish and highly carbonated.

Jester King Brewery Noble King (94)

Citrus tartness with tropical fruit and slightly sweet malt. Earthy. Finishes tart with a lactic bite. Very lemony. Hints of spice and an interesting, peanut-like nuttiness. Not a ton of Brett character, but the lactic went to town.

Goose Island Beer Company Sofie (94)

Sweet fruity notes of lemon citrus blend with white wine character. Mild spices balance to keep from finishing too sweet. Low hop bitterness. Slightly dry finish with a little lingering sweetness. A touch of acidity and a little oak round it out. Good carbonation but low head retention.

Upright Brewing Seven (94)

A continued funkiness and a touch of tartness that was promised from the aroma sits atop a continental base malt that’s not necessarily sweet but works wonderfully with the fruity flavors developed from the fermentation. An appropriate amount of bitterness lends to the dryness of the beer. Some nice tropical fruit notes, a smoothness, and slight warmth.

Jester King Le Petit Prince (94)

Very well-balanced—the fermentation is the star here with some fantastic fruity flavors and a tartness that provides balance. Nice carbonation that carries well and provides a slight carbonic bite. Light and crisp in the body with some slightly sweet and tart lemon fruit notes. Finishes so dry the beer almost evaporates off the tongue.

KC Bier Co. Der Bauer (94)

Bucket o’ melon, orange, peach, bready malt, spicy and drying alcohol, bone-dry finish assisted by the alcohol. Spicy pepper phenolics. Moderately low sweetness with moderate bitterness.

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project Colorado Wild Sage (95)

The tartness is very pleasant—tastes of fresh-squeezed lemon with a subtle earthiness from the sage, clearly culinary inspired. Finishes clean and fresh with good carbonation. Big herbal sage flavor is cut through with a wonderful tart apple flavor.

Beachwood Blendery Propagation Series 256 (95)

Slight malt breadiness that provides a smooth body. Big lemon, tangerine characteristics with a noticeable peppery spice that balances the sweetness and tartness. Tartness, funk, and acidity are fantastic and provide a refreshing beer—dry yet smooth. Ripe banana and a bit of earthy <em>Brett</em> funk. Finishes clean.

Smuttlabs Kisses & Kittens (95)

Low malt complexity but a wonderful tartness that lingers from start to fnish. Big carbonation helps bright up fruit flavors. Finish is extremely dry and refreshing. Moderately strong cherry, blackberry, and blueberry. Light acidity gives it a crisp refreshing finish and the earthy notes gives it some interesting complexity.

Brewery Ommegang Hennepin (95)

Medium biscuity malt sweetness accented by bright orange citrus. Coriander is obvious but not overwhelming. Low-to-moderate hop bitterness. Finish is sweet and could use more dryness to round it out. Highly carbonated but mellow. Some acidity.

Libertine Brewing Company Saison (95)

Lemon flavors abound, with hints of lemon zest and lemon juice. When combined with tartness, it comes across as lemon drop or Warheads candies. Tartness is somewhat sharp and a bit lingering in the finish. Somewhat balanced (not too dry or too sweet), but tartness helps give a perception of dryness in the finish. Moderate sour lemon note up front with the sourness that grows throughout the sip to the end.

Hill Farmstead Brewery Arthur (95)

Tart note up front with strong grapefruit and lime notes. Moderate carbonation amplifies the acidity and creates a puckering finish with a slight peach sweetness transitioning to a dry Lacto finale. Pear and lemon, dry stone-fruit flavors, and funky earthy <em>Brett.</em>

Council Brewing Company Les Saisons (95)

Moderate malt sweetness with a light tart note and pear and tangerine notes that extend into the finish. High carbonation with a slightly astringent note toward the end of the sip. <em>Brett</em> barnyard funk up front with some apricot to back it up. Slight herbal and earthy character. Light fluffy mouthfeel.

Brasserie Saint James Daily Wages (95)

High tangerine and orange note up front with a mild sweetness and medium tartness that lingers into the aftertaste with a heavy fruity note and just a touch of spiciness. Carbonation is moderate for the style. As it warms, the earthy hops flavor pushes forward. Low bitterness in the finish. The bright acidity and light pepper note cut through the sweetness of the malt bill.

Adelbert’s Brewery Philosophizer (95)

A healthy amount of yeast phenolics up front, combined with a dose of fruity esters. Moderately sweet with a bit of tart in the middle but a borderline cloying sweetness carries into the finish. Nice clean dry finish due to the high carbonation. Slight tartness. Touch of orange, lemon, and some spicy notes. A bit bitter in the finish.

Avery Brewing Co. Perzik Saison (96)

Heavy peach up front, as if I bit into a ripe one in the middle of August. The saison flavors emerge as the peach fades, with a noticeable peppery character and pleasant lemony ester. The peach comes back in the aftertaste, but is just subtle enough to encourage another sip. Perhaps a little sweet or heavy on the body for a saison, but overall tasty.

Jester King Brewery Biere de Miel (96)

A lemon acidity hits up front and carries throughout with a lemon sweetness and hints of orange, as well as a bitterness in the back. A spicy honey flavor up front that’s quickly overshadowed by a prominent tartness. Remarkably dry for the amount of honey flavor that is retained.

Funkwerks Saison (96)

Well balanced. Sweet lemon character and light malt sweetness. Pronounced saison yeast character with unique hops that work well but are a departure from the norm. Good, lovely hop complexity with medium bitterness. Crisp, nice carbonation delivers flavors well. Slight carbonic twang.

Grand Teton Brewing Company Brett Saison (96)

Big hops flavor with pine and earthy spiciness up front and a peach and raspberry ester flavor toward the end of the sip. Moderate creamy consistency and carbonation. Nice light acidity brightens the dry finish and keeps it very drinkable. Very citrus and tropical fruit-forward.

Brasserie de Blaugies Saison D’Epeautre (96)

Fruity grape notes with a light lemon note and a high carbonic bite toward the end of the sip. Light body. Farmhouse characteristics with an apricot tartness. There’s a bit of sweetness up front that plays well with the citrus and quickly transforms into moderate acidity and low bitterness. Very dry finish and moderate-high carbonation.

Tallgrass Brewing Company Songbird Saison (96)

Light sweetness up front with a touch of pear and lemongrass. Moderate spicy notes that are balanced with the sweetness and carbonation. Aftertaste has slight spicy bitterness and lemongrass notes. Malt flavor is clean yet pale, with slight Pilsner characteristic evident. High hops flavor of lemon and slight orange. Balance is really wonderful on this beer as the style of the yeast characteristics meld well together.

Brasserie Dupont Avec Les Bons Voeux (96)

The beer has a honey-like sweetness that hits up front along with some tropical fruit notes—pineapple, a little melon, some caramel apple, a little orange. The spice character helps to balance the sweet a bit with a little bitterness, and it finishes fairly dry for how sweet it starts. High carbonation helps scrub the palate and makes this fairly refreshing (despite its strength).

Two Brothers Artisan Brewing Domaine Dupage French Country Ale (97)

Moderate nutty malt, a touch of plum, raisin, light date, with some light sherry oxidation. Finishes dry despite the massive malt aroma with a hint of toasty caramel. The depth and richness of the malt are hard to overstate and range from light biscuit to medium caramel to rich toast. Moderate sweetness is enhanced by the wonderful, yet restrained yeast esters.

Perennial Artisan Ales Saison de Lis (97)

Well-balanced and subtle malt and citrus notes blend with herbs and floral flavors. Wonderful sweet orange and vanilla with graham crackers. Spices are subtle and complement the malt nicely. Fruity acidity with light apple from the chamomile. Dry finish.

Firestone Walker Brewing Company Opal (97)

Balance of moderate malt sweetness and fruity character with slight herbal spice. Some earthy hop and slight funkiness. Very nice fruity character and moderate tartness. Good balance. Effervescent, dry finish.

Brasserie Dupont Saison Dupont (97)

High hops fruitiness of lemon and pear with a slight evidence of apple. Well-balanced among malt, hops, and yeast profiles. Medium-high carbonation. Clean dry finish. Moderate spicy phenols up front with a moderate carbonic bite. Dry finish with grape- and wine-like notes belies the layered sophistication.

Beachwood Blendery Propagation Series 128 (97)

Juicy peach and passion fruit meet earthy <em>Brett</em> funk. Light tartness throughout with a bit of bitterness in the finish. Creamy consistency with a dry finish and pleasant effervescence. A bit of herbal hops in the background. Some apricot and lemon esters balanced with spicy phenolics and a bit of barnyard, leather funk.

WeldWerks Saison D'Amitie (97)

Pepper, orange, banana, clove, bubblegum, grainy malt, balanced, smooth finish that’s a bit on the sweeter side for the style, but certainly not sweet. Aftertaste of spice lingers pleasantly.

Funkwerks Nelson Sauvin (97)

Carbonation is high, which enhances the flavor in this beer. Grape character is of white wine and a bit dry, which fits well with the overall saison structure. A mild earthiness with slight spice is not overpowering, and a bit of lemon sweetness is complemented by a cider character.”

Tired Hands Brewing Company Ourison (98)

A bold lemon tartness comes through up front. The <em>Brett</em> funk is nice and helps cut through the acidity. Nice citrus and pineapple, plus good carbonation and a clean finish. The citrus character is the star of the show, but doesn’t steal too much from the prominent, yet delicate <em>Brett</em> character.

Green Flash Brewing Company Natura Morta Plum (98)

Plum is very much present in the taste, but a considerable amount is going on—a mineral character adds to the dryness and subtle brinyness of the beer, a subtle earthiness works with the undercurrent of funk and tartness, and it finishes surprisingly dry given the fruit character. Wonderful woody <em>Brett</em> aftertaste, with some tack room leather component.

Ecliptic Brewing/Dogfish Head Craft Brewery Sagitarrius B2N (98)

Similar to the aroma, all the expected saison flavors are present but slightly enhanced—black pepper, lemon, a bit of banana. A nice citrus-rind character. The peppery character is well situated to counterbalance all the other esters. Body is dry, but I wouldn’t complain if it were drier.

Wicked Weed Brewing The Parking Lot Grissette (98)

Lots of flavor and very drinkable—slight tartness and fruit notes with hints of apple juice, pear, orange, and lemon. The tartness hits toward the finish to help clean the beer out. Big tropical <em>Brett</em> funk with pineapple, tangerine, peach/apricot, and herbal tea in the background. Moderate-to-strong tart character throughout that fades into the dry finish. Carbonation is spot on. Very frefreshing yet complex.

Brasserie Fantome Fantome Saison (98)

Very juicy, fruity flavor of lemon, orange, and tangerine. Some spicy notes but dominated by sweetness. Moderate malt with mango, passion fruit, and a bit of pineapple. Finishes dry and crisp with some lingering hop bitterness.

Boulevard Brewing Company Tank 7 (98)

Tastes like a lemon Sweet Tart! Malt sweetness with lemon and slightly spicy notes. Earthy without being funky. An almost rose-like hop note and nice, big fruity banana esters. Highly carbonated with a crisp, dry finish.

Allagash Brewing Company Century Ale (98)

Prominent tartness, verging on sour, but moderate initial sweetness maintains the balance. The funkiness carries all the way through, like a P Funk megamix, with rustic barnyard flavors and more tropical pineapple and mango. Good carbonation keeps it light on the tongue. Nice earthy funk.

Burial Beer Co. Fall of the Rebel Angels (98)

Moderate barnyard <em>Brett</em> funk with tropical pineapple. The funky sourness brings notes of wet hay, grass, and tartness, then fruity notes of chokecherry and currants build in the aftertaste. Mild phenols and spiciness, with sulfur notes. Some complementary acidity, low bitterness, and a dry finish.

Side Project Brewing Jammy (98)

Well-balanced fruit and sourness without being overwhelming. The blackberries are super juicy and ripe. Lots of the berry-skin flavor and feel. A touch of acetic in the finish. Make my teeth squeaky. Very wine-like—dry and tannic.

Au Baron Brasserie Artisanate Cuvee de Jonquilles (98)

Big mouth-filling carbonation, touch of apple, light pear, big apricot, big melanoidins, and light earthy bitterness. The yeast complexity acts as the focal point, with many different flavors working quite well together; peppercorn spice, apple, pear, lemongrass, floral notes. A restrained but needed hops bitterness gives a nice balance to the slight malt sweetness.

Sante Adairius Rustic Ales Saison Bernice (99)

Ripe juicy apricots with a hint of lemon zest, perfectly complemented by a lactic tartness that cuts the fruitiness. Some nice phenolic and funk layer the complexity, and the finish is balanced with a subtle lingering tartness.

Libertine Brewing Company Rye Saison (99)

Earthy barnyard <em>Brett</em> with apple and slight minty spice. A bit of white pepper and peach. Tart throughout, with a dry finish and high carbonation. A sweetness hits up front with orange and lemon that follow with some nice <em>Brett</em> funk. A pepper-like spice helps to cut the sweetness. Big juicy apricot and lemon flavor with a fantastic tartness that carries all the way through. Medium hops flavor or grapefruit and lemon with a slight herbal peppery and spiciness of rye.

Almanac Brew Co. Elephant Heart de Brettaville (99)

Earthy <em>Brett</em> character layered on top of vanilla and wine from barrel aging. The aroma did not prepare me for this beer—a punch of tart, coupled with a heavy amount of plum was a bit of a curve ball from the heavy-handed <em>Brett</em> and hops in the aroma. Still a healthy amount of funk that works well with the acidity and fruit.

Two Roads Brewing Worker's Stomp (99)

Starts sweet with big white- grape notes, then gently fades into a mild tart acidity. Biscuit bready malt sweetness is balanced by peach/apricot stone-fruit character and a bit of vanilla, while the high carbonation lifts all the flavors off the palate. Finishes really refreshing and tart.

Almanac Beer Company Saison de Brettaville (99)

A burst of pineapple, passion fruit, guava, and mango notes and a really nice juicy <em>Brett</em> character. The front hits with some nice acidity and tartness but that fades into a dry finish with great carbonation. Prominent amount of tartness, coupled with a healthy amount of tropical fruitiness and delicate <em>Brett</em> funk.

Perennial Artisan Ales/The Commons Brewery Meriwether (99)

Balance of orange and tangerine citrus esters and peppery phenols, and a bit of sage. Balanced sweetness up front gives way to low acidity and just a bit of bitterness. Great clean malt flavor and orange, lemon, and pear from the hops. Slight spiciness is really nice as it rounds out. Light-medium body with nice carbonation. Very dry and effervescent.

Side Project Brewing Bière du Pays (100)

Highly carbonated but light carbonic bite, probably due to the <em>Lacto,</em> and a malt bill that provides creaminess despite being weightless. Bright fruity notes with tart lime, grapefruit, and a light spiciness. Tropical passion fruit is forefront with some earthy wet-hay barnyard <em>Brett</em> funk. Bright lemon zest opens up to some stone and tropical fruit—so much gorgeous <em>Brett</em> flavor.

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project Vieille (100)

Amazing fruitiness brightened by acidity. Sweet biscuity malt with tangy tartness. An acidic funkiness that finishes slightly sweet for a Brett beer. Medium bitterness, spicy, salty, and fruity.