Perfect 6 Packs from the Pros

Here are the dream six packs that your favorite pros would drink.

Pick Six: Side Project Brewing Owner/Brewer Cory King

Over the past three years, Cory King’s Side Project Brewing has gone from labor of love to the #3 rated brewery in the world on the social beer-sharing app Untappd. What’s in the 6-pack of his choice? Read on to find out.

Pick Six: Russian River Brewing's Vinnie Cilurzo

“What Would Vinnie Drink?” His list is surprisingly devoid of the hoppy beers one might expect…

Mitch Steele’s Desert-Island 6-pack Focuses on the Push-Pull between Intensity and Drinkability

“Balance” is an overused word in brewing parlance, but for Brewmaster Mitch Steele, it’s valuable only within the context of intensity and character.

Firestone Walker’s Matt Brynildson’s Dream 6-Pack

Firestone Walker Brewing Company Brewmaster Matt Brynildson puts together a brewer’s dream 6-pack spanning multiple continents and styles. The only common denominator is quality.

Funkwerks Cofounder/Head Brewer Gordon Schuck Picks a Craft-Beer 6-Pack with a Singular Focus

While it’s difficult, maybe impossible, to be everything to everyone, it’s even harder for most brewers to self-impose the limitation of brewing a stylistically narrow range beers.

Bell’s Brewery Director of Operations John Mallett Picks a 6-pack of Beers that Showcase the Expression of the Ingredients Themselves

John Mallet is a consummate brewer’s brewer, and his focus on getting it right extends to the exact phrasing he uses to describe the beers in his 6-pack.

Pick Six: Brewery Ommegang’s Phil Leinhart

Phil Leinhart, brewmaster for Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown, New York, loves a simple recipe produced with attention to detail.

Jester King Brewery Founder Jeff Stuffings Gravitates to a 6-Pack of Beers with Expressive Personality

Here, he extolls the virtues of dryness, bitterness, low alcohol, and mixed-culture fermentation.

Lost Abbey/Port Brewing’s Tomme Arthur Assembles a Continentally Inspired 6-Pack

San Diego brewing legend Tomme Arthur embraces the Belgian disdain for beer styles in a continentally inspired six-pack.

The Bruery’s Patrick Rue Chooses an International and Intensely Flavorful 6-Pack

Here is a six pack of beers that Rue, the eighth certified Master Cicerone, grabs when he’s not drinking one of his own.

Avery Brewing’s Andy Parker Picks a Dream 6-pack of Balanced—and Intriguingly Unbalanced—Beers

Here’s his sixer, filled with everything from an unhinged smoked bock to a clean gueuze and a resinous IPA for good measure.

Samuel Adams’s Jim Koch Picks a Dream 6-Pack of Craft Beer

Jim Koch, Samuel Adams founder and brewer, picks his dream six-pack based on the brewers behind the beers.

A Victorious Six

For Victory Brewing Cofounder Bill Covaleski, choosing a dream six-pack is like DJing. Here are the six tracks on his current mix tape.

Allagash Brewing’s Rob Tod Picks a World-Class 6 Pack of Craft Beer

Although Allagash is known for its Belgian-style beers, Founder Rob Tod’s tastes are not so limited.

New Belgium’s Kim Jordan Picks a Globe-Trotting Dream 6-Pack

This globe-trotting dream six-pack pays homage to brewing talents around the world.

Boulevard’s Steven Pauwels Handpicks a 6-Pack of World-Class Craft Beer

Pauwels’s dream six-pack would satisfy anyone’s cravings both for hops and for funky farmhouse ale.