Mmmm, Coffee and Beer

A collection of articles that combine the two greatest beverages.

Our Favorite Coffee-Flavored Beers

Celebrate National Coffee Day (September 29) with coffee-flavored beers. Our list of coffee-flavored beers runs the gamut of flavors, ranging from sweet to spicy to boozy.

Brewers’ Perspectives: Coffee Stouts

Two of the country’s most reputable coffee-beer brewers explain just how they make the magic happen.

9 Coffee Beers with Unconventional Base Styles

For an alternative to the standard coffee stout, try these coffee beers with unconventional base styles.

Beer and Coffee Pairings

Enjoy these beer and coffee pairings side by side or even blended together.

Beer for Breakfast: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee (Beer)

The lineup of 2014 Great American Beer Festival breakfasts and brunches was proof alone that it is undoubtedly the year of the beer brunch.

Epic Brewing Chocolate Coffee Stout Recipe

Try your hand at a delicious coffee and chocolate stout with this homebrew recipe generously shared by Epic Brewing.

Coffee Beast Stout Recipe

The name matches the taste.