Gear Tests

Trust the experts at CB&B to test out an array of products so you get the right one for your needs.

Gear Test: Fizzics Beer System

This “portable draft system” offers an entertaining way to serve beer at home—just stick with growlers rather than bottles or cans, and go light when topping off your glass.

Gear Test: Anton Paar EasyDens

This extract and density meter for homebrewers is on the pricey side but delivers fast and accurate readings for a fraction of the cost of higher end professional units, making it a great option for nano breweries.

Gear Test: Growlers

We tested 5 growlers and 1 mini-keg for their ability to maintain temperature and seal. Here are the results.

Gear Test: Breathalyzers

We tested three pocket breathalyzers, each designed to help you know when to say when.

Brew Test: Electric All-In-One Brewing Systems (2016 Update)

We took five systems into our brew lab and put them to the test to help you decide whether an electric turnkey system is for you.