Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine Best in Beer 2017: Homebrewers’ Picks

The results are in! We have the results of The Best in Beer 2017: Homebrewers' Picks, where you can check out homebrewing trends, favorite glassware, and more!

Craft Beer and Brewing Dec 11, 2017 - 3 min read

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We polled thousands of readers for our Best in Beer issue, and the results are in! For the Homebrewers' Picks, we asked you everything from your drinking experience and glassware to your favorite ingredients to your favorite trends.

Top Brew Gear

Your list of the absolute best gear you’ve recently purchased or plan to purchase.
1. Ss Brewtech Chronical Fermenter
2. Grainfather System
3. Conical Fermentor
4. Blichmann Beer Gun
5. Blichmann Brew Easy
6. Plate Chiller
7. Spike Brew System
8. Pump
9. Fast Ferment Fermentor
10. pH meter
11. Counterflow Chiller
12. Tilt Hydrometer
13. Electric Brewing Supply Panel
14. Refractometer
15. Wort Chiller
16. PicoBrew
17. Ss Brewtech Kettle
18. Blichmann Therminator
19. Catalyst Fermenter
20. Ss Brewtech Mash Tun

Homebrew Brands of the Year

It was tough competition in 2017 between the top contenders for homebrew brand of the year, but you voted Ss Brewtech and Blichmann in the top two spots for a second year in a row!
1. Ss Brewtech
2. Blichmann
3. Grainfather
4. Spike
5. Braumeister (Speidel)
6. Fast Ferment
7. Electric Brewing Supply
8. PicoBrew
9. Tilt
10. BrewJacket
11. Catalyst
12. Inkbird
13. Ruby Street
15. Anvil

Favorite Brewing Ingredients

Top Hops

From the trellis to your pint glass, these are the hops that fuel your lupulin lust.
- Citra
- Cascade
- Mosaic
- Centennial
- Amarillo


Top Malt

There’s nothing basic about great base malt, and these are the ones you use the most.
- 2-Row
- Maris Otter
- Pilsner
- Munich
- Vienna

Top Fruit

Apricot is out, peach is in, and pumpkin is the fruit or spice that you just can’t quit.
- Raspberry
- Cherry
- Peach
- Grapefruit
- Pumpkin

What's Your Brew IQ?

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Have you lined up for a beer release in 2017?

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Most popular beer styles.

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Where do you most often buy your favorite craft beers?

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Favorite glassware?

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