Premiant (Hop) is a modern hop variety released in the Czech Republic in 1996. It is named for what the breeder considered its “premium” quality. Until Premiant was released, Saaz was perhaps the only internationally known cultivar of the Czech Republic. See saaz (hop)

and žatec hop region. Aiming at producing a dual-purpose hop, the Czech Hop Research Institute in the town of Žatec crossed a bitter American male cultivar with a Czech aroma variety. The aroma of the resulting plant, with Sládek and Northern Brewer in its genealogical makeup, is spicy but with a weaker aromatic profile than that of other Czech varieties. See northern brewer (hop)

and sládek (hop). But this makes Premiant a popular hop in the production of beer without a strong hoppy character. Premiant is a mid- to late-season hop with green bines and long, egg-shaped cones. It yields well, producing an average of 2,000 to 2,300 kg/ha (roughly 1,800 to 2,050 lb/acre). It has good resistance to red spider mites and hop aphids and, reportedly, to mildew. Alpha acids range from 8% to 12.5%, of which cohumulone is only 23%. This gives Premiant a neutral bitterness with no harsh, bitter aftertaste. Beta acids range from 4.5% to 8%. The fractions of essential oils are myrcene, which imparts a floral aroma, 38%; humulene, which imparts a balsamic, resinous aroma, 25% to 35%; caryophyllene, which imparts a spicy aroma, 5% to 10%; and farnesene, which imparts floral notes, 1% to 1.5%. Although Premiant’s aromatics are muted, a few craft breweries have sought to concentrate its aromatics in strong India pale ales, where it is reported to show a grassy, woody character. This hop is fairly stable in storage.